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Passing on a solid tradition

There are churches just about everywhere you look in Western Tidewater, many of which were started decades ago. Not unlike banks, they’re perceived as visible ... Read more | Add your comment

Passing a torch at PDCCC

An era has come to an end at Paul D. Camp Community College with the passing of the torch of leadership in the college’s popular ... Read more | Add your comment

Responsible for safety

In a nation in which the Super Bowl is consistently the top-rated television spectacle of the year, football is likely to have a long future. ... Read more | Add your comment

Be mindful of your pets

Just as we all are supposed to be stewards of the earth, so too are we all caretakers of the animals with whom we are ... Read more | Add your comment

Already rocking the boat

The new superintendent of Franklin’s public schools’ request for $119,000 in carryover funding only one month into both the budget year and his tenure clearly ... Read more | Add your comment

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