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An ounce of prevention

An unfortunate reality about the holiday season is that with it usually comes an increase in property crimes. In anticipation of this, and in order ... Read more | Add your comment


There are some topics of conversation that are uncomfortable for a community to engage in. Crime, especially violent crime, is one of them. Read more | Add your comment

We should remember Pearl Harbor Day

Seventy-three years ago to the day, the Japanese military surprised Americans with an air attack that morning against the naval base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. ... Read more | Add your comment

Surveys a lot like voting

With President Paul Wm. Conco getting set to retire this summer, Paul D. Camp Community College is gearing up to start a nationwide presidential search ... Read more | Add your comment

The math doesn’t add up

After much head scratching, we must confess to still being somewhat confused by Isle of Wight county attorney Mark Popovich’s decision regarding the publication of ... Read more | Add your comment

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