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Hitchhiking — your grandmother was right

On Friday’s front for The Tidewater News, there was a story about a Drewryville man robbed at gunpoint, while presumably trying hitchhike from Franklin to ... Read more

Good news, and a warning

Officials from the Western Tidewater Regional Jail have received a bit of good news following a couple of months of lobbying the U.S. government over ... Read more

Southampton voters deserve accountability

A government accountable to the people it serves is the bedrock on which our nation was built. The best way, and perhaps the only way, ... Read more

Don’t drink and drive if you want to stay alive

Every year, millions of people gather for New Year’s Eve parties around the country, whether it is out on the town or at a friend’s ... Read more

Bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to business

Sometimes the smaller-sized presents under the Christmas tree or deep down in a stocking can prove to be even more fulfilling than the larger ones. Read more