Inmates running the asylum

Apparently, the nation that shed blood in its gritty fight for independence, and did so again on foreign soil to protect and expand Democracy has ... Read more | Add your comment

Hey, Boo Boo

The United States National Park Service turns 100 years old this week. To celebrate, every park across the country is offering special programs and free ... Read more | Add your comment

How long before we start taxing churches?

Ironically, in an election cycle when we’re being warned daily about demagogues with superficially appealing populist proposals, a liberal icon has used his bully pulpit ... Read more | Add your comment

Treat texting drivers the same as DUIs

Banning texting while driving is pretty easy for states to do. Creating a policy that actually reduces texting while driving seems especially difficult. Read more | Add your comment

Reader questions another’s endorsement of candidate

I am aware of who you are Mr. Rose. I too am a veteran. Shame on you for attempting to divide the black vote and ... Read more | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

Resident believes McLemore best qualified to be mayor

It is not my intention to bash anyone, because as we look at our city, we need to be focused on building a promising future. ... Read more | Add your comment

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