How to respond to misfortune

As a famous character in a famous novel once famously said, “Well, I’m back.” Read more | Add your comment

Will Durst’s 21st Annual Political Animals Awards

A major silver lining in this cruelest month of April is a lull between show business awards galas. The lack of gold plated statuettes being ... Read more | Add your comment

Not just someone who answers the phone

Some of you may realize and some of you may not, but every year during the second week in April, the telecommunications personnel in the ... Read more | Add your comment

Why I snapped at a Bernie supporter

I’m crabby this time of year — absolutely miserable, if you want to know the truth. Read more | Add your comment

Baseball’s new gimmicks won’t win over younger viewers

The new baseball season has its usual quotient of obnoxious on-field innovations, such as the time clock that will now govern visits by managers and ... Read more | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

Resident believes McLemore best qualified to be mayor

It is not my intention to bash anyone, because as we look at our city, we need to be focused on building a promising future. ... Read more | Add your comment

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