Soft skills, the skills you need

A couple of weeks ago, Smart Beginnings hosted its annual breakfast at which a panel of speakers made up of education leaders discussed the initiatives ... Read more | Add your comment

Why can’t we live in Bacon, Ind.?

Today’s collection of mostly unrelated thoughts starts at the breakfast table. Read more | Add your comment

Can Donald close the deal in Cleveland?

Thanks to Ted Cruz’s primary win in Wisconsin, it’s now all but certain the Republican convention is going to be contested. Read more | Add your comment

Why is the Southampton Courthouse so historic

Many people in Southampton County have questioned whether or not the Southampton County Courthouse should be considered historic. After 38 years of work as a ... Read more | Add your comment

Is this the end of Trump?

Go ahead, exhale a deep sigh of relief because our long national nightmare could very well be over. Yes, dear friends, Donald Trump might have ... Read more | Add your comment

Letters to the Editor

Resident believes McLemore best qualified to be mayor

It is not my intention to bash anyone, because as we look at our city, we need to be focused on building a promising future. ... Read more | Add your comment

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