Fishing tournament nets several prizes

The team of Jonathan Whitley and Kevin Gunn took first place in the 12th round of the Three Rivers Bass Tournament Series held Sept. 7. ... Read more

Riverkeeper Report: The uplifting perks of Riverkeeping

Spirit of Moonpie and I spent the 30th through the 1st on the Nottoway in the Delaware area. Read more

Recycle old fishing line

Fishing lines left on the river unchecked can be a big problem to wildlife. It is also illegal. Read more | 2 comments

Riverkeeper Report: Stormy & steamy on the Blackwater

Spirit Of Moonpie and I spent the 2nd through the 4th on the Blackwater below and above Franklin. Boy, was it ever humid! Read more | 3 comments

Byrd’s Point added to nature conservatory

Boaters, birders and others interested in wildlife conservation can look forward to a 443-acre tract of land no longer being open to commercial, logging or ... Read more | 8 comments