There’a trend among education that’s been growing for the last several decade. Homeschooling involves a parent educating their child at home. They don’t put them in school, and they are in charge of what their child learns. Homeschoolers used to face a lot of scrutiny. Many people thought that these children couldn’t get a decent education, and they were not as socialized as their peers. As homeschooling has evolved so have these feelings. Homeschooling has transformed quite a bit over the decades.

There’s No Longer Shame

Homeschoolers used to feel isolated. Many parents would hide their decison to homeschool over shame. They didn’t want others to bash their decision to educate their children at home. Today, homeschooling has become more socially acceptable. A majority of homeschooling parents no longer feel as if they need to hide the fact that they are homeschooling. In fact, many of them feel proud about their choice to educate their children at home. Because homeschooling is no longer looked at as being taboo, the number of homeschoolers has grown substantially. In 1975, only around 20,000 children were homeschooled each year. That number has grown to over two million currently.

Many Options Available

There are many more options for homeschoolers than there were in the past. Academics go far beyond workbooks and worksheets. Children can learn through computer courses, or they can take co-op classes led by other homeschooling parents. Parents don’t have to be former teachers in order to successfully educate their child. If they don’t know how to teach a subject, they can find someone that can teach it for them. Parents are also able to find a lot more options as far as extracurricular activities go. Many cities have sports programs just for homeschoolers. These can include everything from soccer to gymnastics.


It’s No Longer Just About Religion

Many families used to homeschool because of their religious beliefs. While some families still do homeschool for this reason, others homeschool because they worry about violence in schools, want an education that is tailored to their child’s needs or are needing some flexibility in their schedule that traditional schools can’t provide. Today you can find homeschool families from all religions, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Homeschooling Is Legally Protected

Parents don’t have to worry about facing legal action against them just because they homeschool. Homeschooling has been legal in every state since the 1990s. For parents who are worried about their right to homeschool, they can join a legal defense association that protects homeschoolers. While it isn’t necessary to join one, these associations can provide parents with the piece of mind in knowing that they have extra protection if someone questions their right to homeschool their children.


Colleges Are Recruiting Homeschoolers

Parents no longer need to worry about their homeschoolers being accepted into college. Many colleges are recruiting homeschoolers because they see what an asset they are. They have found that homeschooled children tend to be more motivated, driven and are better prepared for life than many of their peers.

In conclusion, homeschooling has changed a lot over the decades. It went from something that many parents hid to something that has grown leaps and bounds. Homeschooling parents now have more rights than they have ever had, and there are numerous options available to educate your child at home. As both public and private schools continue to have difficulty trying to educate the vast amount of children in their classrooms, homeschooling may continue to gain even more popularity in the decades to come.

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