Robert Steward Grizzard of Ivor passed away on July 7 back in 2011. Grizzard was 64 years of age, and he passed away at the Sentara Obici Hospital.

This is a great hospital that has saved countless people’s lives, but on that day, those who loved Grizzard had to say goodbye to him. He was predeceased by his father and brother. The man was born in Richmond a long time ago to Norfleet T. and his mother.

Grizzard had a good childhood that he spent with his family and friends. Robert was a lot of things in his life beyond being a friend, a son, and a good brother. Grizzard was a cherished member of several groups and organizations while he was alive. The man was also a retired bleach plant operator. Being active in the community when he was retired is something that rings true to anyone who knew him well. There wasn’t much he wouldn’t do to help others, and this does make sense since he was a US Air Force member, a Virginia Air National Guard, and a Vietnam veteran.


Grizzard was also a Junior Vice Commander for the VFW Post 4411 though that was some time ago. Some also knew him as the president and lieutenant a while back. There is no doubt that this man lived a full life that allowed him to affect many people positively. Even as a retired person, he still decided to become a volunteer for the local fire department among many others.

It is easy to see how selfless Robert S. Grizzard was in 64 years of life. The man was very much involved with the people that lived around him. He got to know them and even stepped into the Board of Directors of the Tidewater EMS Council on behalf of the people.

Some were lucky enough to learn under him because he was an instructor for the Southampton County Fire and Rescue Association. It was there where he was able to mold the minds of the next generation of fire and rescue personnel. It should be pointed out that he was also the governor of Zone 2 as well as the lieutenant governor.

The people left behind to think about him and miss him are his wife. Her name is Sue Neave; she was married to the man for 20 years. His mother, Kathleen Riegel is still living and lives in Drewryville. Grizzard was also able to have a few kids before he passed, and those kids look up to him as a father and a citizen of this country and county. His son, Richard S. or “Ricky” as most people call him. His daughter was also quite heartbroken; she lives in Windsor, and her name is Meg Holland.


Grizzard also left behind two step sons, Rusty and Ben Holland, who are both going to miss their step father. His brother, William Todd was devastated, but the family left can support each other during these hard times. Grizzard was also a grandfather to eight grandchildren, who are going to miss seeing their grandfather.

Robert’s funeral took place on July 10 in 2011. This happened at 2 in the afternoon at the Wright Funeral Home located in Franklin. Of course, the funeral did have military honors to show everyone how much this man gave to his country and to his community. Grizzard was taken to Drewryville Cemetery soon after the funeral.

Life can be harsh at times, but it also gave Grizzard the opportunity to follow his heart and to help. He might have passed away, but the memories of him and his legacy will continue to live on.

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