It is easy to forget that mathematics and grocery shopping go hand in hand, but kids at S.P. Morton Elementary School in Franklin are being taught about mathematics with a little grocery shopping.

The elementary school started a program called Math Night, which is a reoccurring event that takes place every Thursday. It just so happens that on the most recent Thursday the kids went to Food Lion. This is one of the biggest grocery stores in the area and a store that many of these children have probably been to once or twice.

This Math Night with the kids is giving students a whole new appreciation for food shopping. These children are probably starting to understand the stress and importance of budgeting, which their parents have to do. Some of these kids are probably more equipped to help parents.


Having the opportunity to apply the math skills these students are learning at school in this real life scenario allows kids to internalize the lessons teachers at S.P Morton Elementary School are trying to teach them.

The program continues to get attention from the parents in this area. At the moment, the program had more than 100 kids in attendance, which shows how effective and attractive the program is.

Principal Jason Chandler gave each student that attended a bit of a free-pass when it came to their uniform. Every kid loves feeling like they can express themselves, and what better time to do so than at a grocery store where they were applying some of the mathematical theories in person.

As soon as the children arrived at the store, they were greeted with their tasks. Each task varied in difficulty as it was matched with the student’s grade level. The students were given a clipboard with a worksheet that they had to use to complete their tasks for the night.

Students were asked all sorts of things, depending on their grade level. The younger ones were asked simple things, like counting the amount of dog treats on display to apply their counting skills in the real world. Older students were asked to do a few more complex problems, like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing some of the prices the students saw at the Food Lion.

Melissa Grieshober

The teachers involved in the Math Night event were all around the store ready to answer any questions the students may have about their tasks. The teachers were also there to answer any questions parents might have about the event.

The parents were quite happy to see learning in action and to see their children getting excited about shopping. Most parents know that grocery shopping with kids is not the most exciting event of the week, but that might change after Math Night, or at least that might be what some parents are hoping for.

The leaders of the event said that every student was able to answer the questions in their worksheets. Some of the students did not need much help, while others asked their teachers for help or even their parents. Still, it seems like every student was able to complete their worksheets on their own.

One great perk that each student was able to enjoy while they walked through the store is an apple that was provided by Food Lion. Apples are refreshing and probably made the experience much better.

That was not the end of the perks though because students were rewarded at the of the night when they finished their tasks. Food Lion gave the students coloring books, bouncy balls, lollipops, and other little items that all the students were probably excited to receive.

Hopefully, more students continue to get an opportunity to get involved in events like these.

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