Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club Donates To Franklin Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Virginia often relies on donations. Without these donations, many chapters of the Club wouldn’t exist today. A December 2018 donation of $300 came from the Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club based in Sedley. These riders earmarked their donation to the Franklin chapter of the Club. While the Friendly Riders name might seem ironic, wonderful bikers populate this particular organization. Many of these riders grew up in the surrounding area and believe in providing support.

What Is The Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club?

More than 20 riders belong to the Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club. This particular club has operated for over 35 years in the area. Currently, Mitchell Mason serves as the club’s vice president and helped present the donation to the Boys and Girls Club. The organization believes in giving back to the community whenever possible. Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club has made such donations on more than one occasion to organizations. In the end, every dollar donated makes a noticeable impact in Franklin.

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Giving The Children The Opportunity To Interact With Their Heroes

A small ceremony took place to recognize the donation at the time. After the reception, children with the Boys and Girls Club interacted with the Friendly Riders. They were able to sit on their motorcycles and talk with the riders. It was an excellent experience for the children in attendance and the bikers alike. Fortunately, the money came with no strings attached, giving the Boys and Girls Club full control of how the funds were utilized. We aren’t aware of where the funds were used, though.

A Followup Visit and The Potential For Further Donations

Members of the Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club returned to the Boys and Girls Club in March 2019. They once again interacted with the children and provided some excitement. Without a doubt, the children were excited to see the riders once again. Future visits aren’t currently scheduled, but they’re almost sure to happen. The Franklin chapter of the Boys and Girls Club is recognized as providing vital services to children. In the local community, a more important organization might not be present.

Changing The Perception Of Motorcycle Clubs

More and more motorcycle clubs continue to contribute to their communities. In the past, some clubs have been seen as public nuisances. Clubs like Friendly Riders strive to turn the tide against such perceptions. The club regularly donates to local charities and organizations. Plenty of motorcycle clubs have followed suit in the local area and nationwide. Undoubtedly, today’s motorcycle clubs often become pillars in their communities by providing resources and support whenever possible.


More Information on The Boys and Girls Club Franklin Chapter

The Franklin chapter tends to function as an after-school program for children. Attendees learn leadership skills in a safe, nurturing environment. Thanks to local donations, the Club provides a valuable service for dozens of children each year. After-school programs remain an important option for children across the country. An extra $300 in donations can help the organization take better care of children. Plus, donations pay for extra activities and resources the children benefit from directly.

Organizations Rely On Donations, and Potential Donors Are Out There

In this case, the Friendly Riders Motorcycle Club came to the Boys and Girls Club with a donation. Other organizations shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to their local motorcycle clubs for potential assistance. Many clubs are willing to donate time, money, or effort to such organizations. Either way, children of all backgrounds can benefit from these donations in a major way. A simple, small donation could touch dozens of children and provide them with ample opportunities.

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