Steven Tyler is “Vegas Strong” once again.

The Aerosmith rocker had put out a plea for the return of his famed t-shirt with the words “Vegas Strong” emblazoned on it in gold lettering.

Tyler had tossed the shirt into the crowd during a performance honoring the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Fest mass shooting on October 1. A fan uniquely named Barbie Dahl caught the flying shirt after the band performed a stirring rendition of The Beatles hit “Come Together.”


Barbie was attending the concert at the Park Theater with her husband, Air Force serviceman Kris Dahl. The pair had snagged free tickets to the concert from the Vettix brokerage outlet, a company that hands out free concert tickets to military members.

At first, Barbie planned on keeping the black shirt with gold lettering as a reminder of the incredible night, but when she saw the plea from Tyler and his manager, Larry Rudolph asking for the shirt to be returned, she decided to give it back.

Tyler and Rudolph had come up with the idea to display the shirt at the Park Theater, where Aerosmith has a museum with other memorabilia displayed. The band is currently playing several concerts there as part of their “Deuces Wild” tour.

As part of the VIP tour package, fans are allowed to tour the museum and also have a chance to meet the band members.

When the Dahls saw the request from Tyler and Rudolph for the shirt’s return in exchange for two concert tickets and a meet-and-greet with the band, they happily agreed.


Along with the shirt, Barbie handed Tyler a necklace with an inspiration Bible verse on it. The verse from Deuteronomy 3:22 states, “You shall not fear them, for it is the LORD your God who fights for you.”

Barbie said it was an honor to return the t-shirt to Tyler along with the necklace in the shape of a cross and arrow.

When asked why she gave Tyler the necklace, Barbie responded that, “I wanted him to have that necklace to remind him all the time that God is with him and fighting his battles, no matter how small.”

Tyler was ecstatic to receive the t-shirt back as well as the necklace. Plans for how the “Vegas Strong” t-shirt will be displayed at the museum have yet to be revealed.

In addition to the t-shirt exchange, another monumental occasion occurred during the show on October 8. Johnny Depp, the actor famous for his roles in “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Edward Scissorhands” made an onstage appearance alongside Aerosmith.

As the actor sauntered onstage with his guitar in hand, the crowd stood in stunned silence. Once Depp began playing the chords of the famous song “Toys In The Attic”, the crowd and other band members really got into it.

Depp’s talents are vast. Prior to his performance with Aerosmith, the actor performed with the Stone Temple Pilots during their show at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel on October 6.

Although fans at both shows were shocked to see the actor playing the guitar with some of the most hardcore rock bands of all-time, this isn’t Depp’s first onstage performance.

He also plays alongside Joe Perry and Alice Cooper in the band Hollywood Vampires. They recently played a show at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel on May 10.

Although no other tour dates are currently scheduled, the band’s album “Rise” is available for purchase on their website.

Tyler, Depp, and the Dahl’s are a great example of what it’s like to be “Vegas Strong.”

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