When it comes to parking at the Denver Airport you have plenty of options and choosing the best spot can be overwhelming. Parking at the airport can be very expensive and parking off site can take up too much of your time. We reviewed all of the available options on our last trip to Denver and there was one lot that stood out.

Park Dia is all about location! They are just 2.6 miles from the Denver International Airport and from our research they are the closest near airport parking available. They offer both covered and non-covered parking with options as low as $4.48 per day. That is incredible affordable and still close to the airport. It took us less than 5 minutes on the shuttle to reach the airport from our parking spot.

If you are in need of affordable long term parking in DIA (Denver International Airport) I highly recommend you check them out. You can even use their mobile app to book a parking spot right from your phone.