The Sussex Central Tigers put on an impressive show on Friday night, beating the Southampton Indians by twenty six points with a convincing thirty two to six win. With the win, the Sussex Central Tigers ran their record to an unblemished 4-0, while the loss dropped Southampton to 2-2 on the season. The game was never close as the Indians could not stop the Tigers on offense and even contributed to the Southampton scoring by frequently turning the ball over. It was thirty two to nothing by the time the Indians were able to score a late touchdown to avoid being shut out completely. It was a dominating performance by the Tigers who continue to gain momentum as their season goes on.

Leading the way for the Tigers was Amari Hill who scored two touchdowns in spectacular fashion, which is indicative of the versatile player that he has become throughout the season. He has two way skills and in this game he showed it, as Hill scored a touchdown on both offense and defense. The first touchdown was a catch of a fourteen yard pass that was beautifully thrown. Soon after on the defensive side of the ball Amari Hill scooped up a fumble from the Southhampton offense and ran sixty four yards for the touchdown. It was an amazing display of versatility that essentially sealed the win for the Tigers.


This was a game in which Sussex Central made fourteen first downs compared to the six for Southampton. The rushing statistics for the Tigers were staggering with the offense running for two hundred and six yards on thirty four carries. This compared to the Indians who ran for a paltry fifty two yards on thirty eight carries. The Indians also lost two fumbles which halted any momentum that they had during their drives.

The passing game was anemic for both sides with Sussex Central only gaining eighty nine yards on seven completions out of fourteen attempts. Southampton didn’t have much more success with only fifty three passing yards on four completions out of ten attempts. There was also one interception made by Southampton which made for a terrible results. Only a late two yard touchdown run by Blount saved the Indians from a complete shut out.

This was also a very difficult game from a penalty standpoint for both teams. The Tigers had an astounding thirteen penalties for seventy seven yards while the Indians chalked up eight penalties for eighty six yards. The multitude of penalties made for a very choppy game that was marred by frequent stops and starts. The kicking game was virtually nonexistent during the game. There were no made field goal attempts and there were not even any extra points made which is a bit of an abnormality for both teams.

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There were also surprisingly few punts on the day. The Tigers only punted twice for an average of thirty one yards while the Indians punted four times for forty one yards. Other highlights from the game were a couple of other Sussex Central touchdown passes. Kicking off the scoring was a ten yard touchdown pass from Delk who perfectly placed a ball to Hatch in the end zone. This was followed up by a spectacular fifty four yard run by Prosise which closed out the first quarter.

In the second quarter Edmonds placed a ball perfectly in the bread basket of Bailey from seventeen yards out just inside the red zone. It was at that point that Amari Hill took over on both sides of the ball to help his team take a commanding thirty two to nothing lead. The offense onslaught buried the Southampton Indians and made the ultimate results a mere formality.

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