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Registered nurses (RNs) can now take advantage of the opportunity to travel and work on several existing and new upcoming opportunities that exist within the US or all around the globe. All of this can be easily done via travel nursing which allows them to work in various healthcare settings and specialties. Most registered nurses interested in finding both exploration and challenges that are appealing tend to flock to the art of becoming a travel nurse.

In order to begin working in this field, nurses need to state their credentials, their prior clinical experience, and even their desired placement area with recruiters at a staffing agency. All of these are crucial information when compared to the requirements of the regular hospital system since it allows them to be placed exactly where they desire. Upon documenting the information, the recruiter will consider everything said and grant consideration to special assignments that are suited.

Depending on the availability of desired conditions, nurses can be granted the opportunity within their niche to travel. With that said, there are instances where their paths will cross into different spaces, and consideration is given based on their desire to travel. In addition, they will be able to take up posts that they are qualified for.

In essence, non-specialized assignments available within the surgical field can be taken up by nurses that are qualified within another field. However, non-specialized assignments tend to pay much less than those that require specific credentials or even specialized skills. To properly access these opportunities, registered nurses are advised to apply through a travel nursing agency.

However, in order to find the right agency, it’s best to seek those that are reputable. Longstanding agencies are better suited since they provide the best opportunities and they are legitimate. As such, we’ve prepared some of the top-ranking agencies according to features, reviews, and national rankings.

trustaff Travel Nurse Agency

For over 18 years, trustaff has been a trusted leader in staffing for the healthcare industry. trustaff is known for focusing heavily on creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with some of the highly talented professionals in the industry. As a #trustafftraveler you can receive benefits such as guaranteed hours to exclusive employee discounts, trustaff travelers enjoy great benefits. Health insurance options start at just $24/week!

Also as a #trustafftraveler, you will be one of the highest-paid travel nurses in the industry earning 20-30% more than your counterparts. trustaff has developed relationships with the best healthcare facilities in the nation giving you access to the best travel nursing jobs in the country.

So why are they #1 on our list. Just check out these accolades:

  • Accredited by The Joint Commission with the Gold Seal of Approval for excellence in healthcare staffing
  • Distinguished 11 times by Inc. Magazine as one of the INC 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the country (2007-2009, 2011-2018)
  • Named to Staffing Industry Analysts Largest Staffing Firms in the US (2015-2019)Largest Travel Nurse Staffing Firms (2015-2019)Largest Allied Staffing Firms (2016-2019)Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms(2015-2019), and Fastest Growing Staffing Firms in the US (2016-2019)
  • Named to the Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100, recognizing record-setting regional companies (2014-2019)
  • Recognized as one of the largest and fastest-growing recruiting and staffing firms in the Tri-State by the Cincinnati Business Courier (2007-2019)
  • REDI James A. Wuenker Growth award winner

Aya Healthcare

A study that dates back to 2017, has produced results indicating that social media site users have mentioned some of the top travel nursing companies. According to Aya Healthcare, user comments are more frequent. They even have their own blog, social media accounts, maintain a strong online presence, and proudly display all of their accolades, awards, and Golden Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission.

To date, the agency has already placed a ton of workers nationwide and they also offer a Canadian travel nursing program. However, the company clearly states that the pay received depends on where the nurses are located and they have a special 401(k) package in place. The package includes license reimbursement, employer match, discounts, nutrition and wellness programs as well as many others.

Qualified nurses can even determine if they are willing to accept a medical, vision, and dental plan from the same day they start. Nurses can even add dependents if need be. Unlike others, they are truly one of a kind and offer sick pay that starts on the first day. Nurses can even earn one hour for every 30 hours that they work but it is inaccessible after a period of 90 days.

Travel Nurse Across America

TNAA or Travel Nurse Across America had the leading when compared to the top 10 agencies. The agency was founded in 1999 in Arkansas in North Little Rock. When it comes to providing satisfaction to users, no one does it better than TNAA. Blupipes has also stated that they are the biggest when compared to other leading agencies.

At TNAA, the full-team approach is used to aid travelers with a specially trained staff member that is equipped to deal with even the most difficult situations. They also offer clinical leadership and housing experts. They also offer a ton of benefits that include tuition reimbursement, paid licensure fees, and low census pay. Additionally, overtime is offered for all states based on the hours works as well as paid sick leaves.

Due to their special partnership with Aspen University, nurses can earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing with ease in 12 months. When completed, they will even reimburse the expenses paid on tuition.


Co-founders Dr. Lou Vadlamani and Perrin Peacock banded together and formed CardioSolution. They quickly saw a problem and found a solution. Hence, they offered specially designed cardio services to hospitals around the country.

In no time, their start-up grew into the most cutting-edge organizations that were led by physicians. High quality and entrepreneurial spirit drove their company with their burning desire and passion. They even offer these solutions to both regional and rural hospitals while serving the larger health care systems. The dynamic background of their team has even allowed them to be able to provide emergency heart care to tons of persons on a nationwide scale.

Unlike other institutions, they’re not a one-size-fits-all company. They fight as they augment, construct and coordinate cardiovascular programs throughout the country. The best part of this team is that they’re experienced and expert at what they do while providing healthcare to the ones that need it most.

In essence, they provide concise, clear, and tailored services. Some of these include service development and consulting among others.

Triage Staffing

For those interested in a little of everything, Triage Staffing is the best option. They’ve popped up on tons of sites and they’re highly qualified with the best ratings around every corner. Hence, they’re considered as one of the most well-rounded companies.

In 2006, the company was founded and is based in Omaha Nebraska. As stated in the Inc. Magazine, they were alleged to have between 50 and 200 employees and has one of the most impressive ratings on the website Glassdoor.

With the capabilities, they aid healthcare professionals and nurses secure 13-week assignments throughout the US and they work hard to maintain transparency. Triage Staffing also aims to build more and more relationships with their associates.

When it comes to receiving a salary, workers will receive a package that includes overtime, bonuses, housing allowances, and per diems. Health insurance is also provided and those that secure jobs usually have access to vacation time, dental insurance, and a pretty decent 401(k) plan.