Sunday, August 9, 2020

Alexis Grossman


A highly skilled writer and editor, dog rescuer and biking enthusiast, Alexis Grossman is always looking for ways to contribute to this publication and the the world around her. She has a real flair for the written word, a vast vocabulary, advanced editing skills and the determination to make every article she works on the best it possibly can be.

Grossman is also committed to taking care of as many abused and abandoned dogs as she possibly can. She sees that as her self-appointed mission and has thrown herself into it with an enthusiasm fueled by her intense love for her four-legged furry, frisky friends and her love of helping others.

Bike riding is another of her passions. While others rave about gemstone rich jewelry and fine clothing, for Alexis Grossman few things are as exhilarating as the wind rushing through her hair as she pedal powers her bike through hill and dale, city and country. Many of her articles reflect her love for dogs, bike riding and helping others.