Saturday, August 8, 2020

Elijah Davis

Staff Writer

Health is people’s most important asset. Through his articles office comedian Elijah Davis addresses the pressing health issues of the day. He shares valuable information on nutrition, fitness, getting adequate rest and making the best use possible of the health care system through his blogs. Using clear, concise, terms and prose that is easy to understand and follow, Elijah Davis is able to break down the most complex health care issues and help readers get the most out of the information he presents.

His lighthearted, humorous, tone and positive point of view enables readers to explore serious topics related to health and wellness without being burdened by fear. He shares insight into how simple pleasures like laughter, playing with children, frolicking on the beach, taking the time to appreciate a beautiful sunset or looking into a starry sky can improve your health and the quality of your life.