Sunday, August 9, 2020

Josh Howell


Once a digital nomad, top featured contributor Josh Howell now spends his time happily writing well-researched, high quality articles covering topics ranging from craft beer, to competitive gaming and urban fantasy stories. Plus, this tech savvy contributor also writes excellent articles on the latest technology and exploring the digital landscape.

With the explosion in popularity of professional competitive gaming, Howell contributes wonderfully revealing articles on the hottest games, gaming consoles and competitions for gaming fanatics. He also pens pieces on the thrill of gaming for the uninitiated.

Josh Howell also writes indepth articles in the booming global craft beer industry and features on some of the best tasting, most unique and beloved local, regional and international craft beers. He also writes about how microbreweries are giving major beer companies a run for their money in terms of craft beer’s growing popularity and diversity.