Sunday, August 9, 2020

Miguel Lopez

Staff Writer

We live in a world where digital technology is now ubiquitous. Technology savant and tech guru Miguel Lopez is a writer who helps people be better able to understand and use the latest digital tools and toys. His articles help people make sense of the often confusing terms the tech geeks who design the newest gadgets use to describe what they do.

Lopez help people get a handle on the fastest and easiest ways to master the use of the new technologies that are popping up in the marketplace every day. He explains in simple terms which ones are worth buying and how they can make our live better, more productive and more enjoyable. A digital marketing specialist, Miggy also shares insight on effective ways to use digital marketing to increase your audience and customer base, promote your cause, product or service and grow your company. The articles Miguel Lopez writes show people how to make technology their friend and leverage the power it possesses.