A brand new restaurant in Marion is providing inexpensive farm-to-table fare.

Marion chef Josh Young has opened an inexpensive farm-to-table restaurant, The Waterlily, inside the historic General Francis Marion Hotel, changing the just lately closed Speakeasy. A $15,000 low-interest startup mortgage from the Marion Small Business Loan Pool permits the 39-year-old chef to function the restaurant at a time when many hospitality companies are struggling to shoulder the impression of COVID-19. 

The Waterlily’s approachable menu contains freshly made soups, basic quiches and sandwiches, and entrees like steak frites and housemade linguini, all comprised of regionally sourced substances from farms like Old Rich Valley Farm in Saltville and Stormbrew Farm in Atkins. “Keeping prices low is achievable by doing absolutely everything from scratch,” says Young, who works to maintain the menu inexpensive for Marion’s hardworking clientele. “We save a lot of money by eliminating processing from big box companies.” Weekly specials, comparable to crab croquettes and fried oysters Rockefeller tacos, give Young room to flex his culinary abilities whereas nonetheless interesting to Marion diners. Facebook.com/WaterlilyMarionVA

This article initially appeared within the February 2021 concern.

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