Halo Dog Collar by Cesar Millan

The Halo collar is now available for purchase in the U.S., with a distribution deal signed with Cesar Millan, creators of the world’s most sophisticated pet safety and training equipment.  Ken and Michael Ehrman, along with dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, created the Halo collar to allow dogs to safely live their lives off-leash.

The latest version of the Halo collar has hardware improvements including a more durable design, longer battery life, enhanced remote connectivity, and more. Additionally, the Halo collar is releasing new Halo Beacons, Bluetooth-enabled gadgets that help you keep your dog away from off-limits areas within your house.

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Halo Collar Review

The Halo Collar GPS system is a marvel of modern engineering. In the past, the e-collar has been plagued with consumer complaints regarding broken collars, faulty GPS location, false-positive notifications, and other issues. But the business responded to its consumers’ concerns, introducing Halo 2 in late 2021 and Halo 2+ in mid-2022, following consumer feedback. With the new and improved collar, we’re keeping an eye on customer comments.

If you’re not sure whether this collar is right for you, read our reviews of the best wireless dog fences to see if there’s a better, more affordable option for you or compare how Halo compares to SpotOn. We also have reviews of the top GPS dog collars and smart collars. These collars, however, do not include a wireless fence capability, so they are limited if you want an all-in-one solution.

The New Halo Collar Product Details:

  • Features:
  • The Halo Collar – The halo of protection that surrounds your dog. The Halo collar automatically maintains your dog inside the limits you set, even without wires, WiFi, or cellular coverage.
  • The Halo App – Create up to 20 wireless fences, get training, check your dog’s real-time safety condition, monitor their activity levels, and manage each dog’s custom preferences from this app.
  • Halo Training – Cesar’s unique 21-day Program, bespoke training features, premium classes, and live sessions with expert trainers are all included. Customizable prompts for your dog are also included.
  • Sizes: S (11′ – 15″ neck), M (15′ – 20.5″ neck), L (20″ – 30.5″ neck)
  • Colors: Graphite or White
  • Price: The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can return it within that time period if you aren’t happy with your purchase.
  • To purchase: www.halocollar.com

Halo Beacon Product Details:

The Indoor Halo Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled gadget that communicates with your dog’s Halo collar and informs you of the barrier’s location. The Halo Beacon is a must-have for any dog lover. It’s great for training inside your house, such as the kitchen or on a new sofa. It’s similar to a gate in that it creates an enclosure. The Halo Beacon is compatible with the free Halo App, and it includes 15 customizable range levels as well as a 5-6 month battery life to help you reach your indoor perimeter goals.

  • Price: $44.99
  • To purchase: www.halocollar.com


About Halo

The Halo collar is the newest smart safety system for dogs. This clever gadget combines cutting-edge technology and dog psychology to provide a wireless fence, smart training, GPS tracker, and activity monitor into a single wearable device co-founded by Cesar Millan. The Halo collar uses proprietary GPS and GNSS positioning technology to keep them secure and easy to find if they stray too far.  Halo protects approximately 45,000 dogs in the United States every day. We will be expanding to Canada and other parts of the world with Kore in 2022.

Visit the website for more information and to place an order: www.halocollar.com