Over the previous 12 months and a half, I’ve written many articles detailing the proof supporting the declare that the COVID pandemic is a ruse to usher in a brand new system of world centralized governance by unelected leaders, the so-called Great Reset. While the World Economic Forum (WEF) could not essentially be the very prime of this pyramid of technocratic elitists, it definitely seems to be a central energy participant.

Its founder and government chairman, Klaus Schwab, has emerged because the entrance man of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has an unmistakable transhumanist part, or merging of organic or bodily applied sciences within the human physique,1 via his speeches and books on these subjects, which embrace “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2016), “Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution” (2018) and “COVID-19: The Great Reset”2 (2020).

In the featured Corbett Report, “Meet the World Economic Forum,”3 impartial journalist James Corbett takes a deep-dive into the WEF’s historical past and “the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about.” Corbett additionally presents strategies for a way we are able to use this data to derail this enslavement agenda.

New World Order Rebranded

As famous by Corbett, the Great Reset is nothing however a rebranding of what within the final decade turned generally known as the New World Order. Of course, the creation of a New World Order was thought of a conspiracy concept believed solely by tinfoil hat-wearing kooks with an excessive amount of time to surf the web and too lively an creativeness.

Today, we are able to see that the New World Order was actually actual, and that the name-calling was merely a approach to ensure the cat didn’t leap from the bag too quickly. In June 2020, Schwab publicly introduced the Great Reset,4 so there’s no approach to dismiss it now. It’s occurring.

As famous in a July 21, 2020, World Economic Forum article,5 the financial devastation attributable to COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns “has the potential to hobble global prosperity for generations to come.” The reply is to give you stimulus measures, equivalent to infrastructure improvement, that may enable international locations to maneuver ahead.

But whereas at it, international locations are urged to ensure the financial system is “built back better.” Make no mistake, this catchy slogan is an element and parcel of the Great Reset plan and can’t be separated from it, irrespective of how altruistic it could sound.

Part of the “building back better” is to shift the monetary system over to an all-digital centrally managed forex system, which in flip is a part of the system of social management, as it could simply be used to incentivize desired behaviors and discourage undesired ones.

While Bitcoin is decentralized and a rational technique to protect your private monetary freedom and decide out of the prevailing central financial institution managed system, the central financial institution digital forex (CBDC) can be centralized and fully managed by the central banks and could have good contracts that enable the banks to surveil and management your life.

You’ll Own Nothing

There’s even speak of programming the forex such that they will management the way you spend your cash. The cash could even have expiration dates, so that you lose what you don’t spend inside a sure time-frame. One of the WEF’s guarantees is that by 2030, you’ll personal nothing,6 and for sure, if the central financial institution can management how and whenever you spend your cash, they will get rid of your potential to avoid wasting up for big purchases, equivalent to, say, a home or a automotive.

The concept is that we must hire all the pieces. Corbett reveals a video clip from a lecture the place the presenter explains that the course we’re getting in is “from products to services.” “Every product is a service waiting to happen,” she says.

What she means is that as an alternative of shopping for one thing as soon as and proudly owning for so long as you please, finally, you gained’t have the choice to purchase something outright. Your solely possibility can be to lease the product you need, which implies paying a price each month for so long as you retain it.

And who owns all of the gadgets that we the general public hire? “They” do. But who’re “they”? Identifying the precise people who’re pulling the strings and laying down these long-term plans is extraordinarily tough.

We can, nevertheless, determine organizations that play vital roles, based mostly on their ideologies and actions, and from there, particular individuals inside these organizations who appear to wield an excessive amount of affect. We also can inform that the Great Reset is a technocratic agenda, so it stands to motive that these concerned are known as technocrats. The WEF is undoubtedly a part of this agenda, and Schwab is undoubtedly a technocrat of the best order.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution — A Technocratic Agenda

Aside from the slogan “Build Back Better,”7 the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”8 is yet one more time period that goes hand in hand with the Great Reset. This refers back to the merging of digital, bodily and organic methods, and the reliance on technological surveillance reasonably than the rule of regulation to keep up public order.

Just just like the Great Reset is a rebranding of the New World Order, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is nothing however a rebranding of technocracy, melded with the transhumanist motion. While many are nonetheless blind to this, the transhumanist agenda is being rolled out worldwide via COVID-19 gene modification injections. Seemingly with out a lot pondering, about half the U.S. inhabitants has already signed as much as turn out to be first era transhumans.

As famous by Schwab in a video clip within the featured report, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will remodel not solely how we reside and work together however who we’re as a human species. Man will in the end be merged with machine. The COVID pictures might be the very first step into this transhumanist mass transformation.

In this paradigm, your physique is considered as a mix of {hardware} and software program, your genes being “the software of life,” which could be up to date via a easy injection of mRNA.

Ultimately, all the pieces, together with our bodily our bodies, can be included into an “ecosystem driven by big data,” Schwab explains (which is what 5G and 6G are in the end for). What he doesn’t point out is how this can get rid of human rights and private freedoms. That these can be taken from you, nevertheless, is obvious for anybody with eyes to see.

What Is the World Economic Forum?

Schwab based the WEF in 1971, and the group is clearly a household affair and a household legacy. Its rules state that Schwab, because the founder, is the ex officio member of the board of trustees and solely he, or a direct member of the family, can designate his successor. In different phrases, the one individuals who will all the time have a seat on the desk and can’t be kicked out are Schwab’s heirs.

Members and stakeholders of the WEF embrace world authorities leaders, company leaders, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), journalists, activists, cultural leaders and artists, all of whom collaborate to push the WEF’s technocratic, transhumanist missions ahead. And, as famous by Corbett, there’s hardly a single subject presently being mentioned within the media that isn’t pushed and promoted by the WEF or somebody with direct ties to the WEF.

Examples of areas the WEF is spearheading and pulling strings on embrace international cyber safety issues and options, the reengineering of the worldwide meals system, the rewriting of a social contract.

This has by no means existed within the first place and seems to be half and parcel of the plan to regulate populations via social engineering and a social credit score rating, the training of our kids, the resetting of the worldwide financial system, reimagining well being care utilizing nanotechnology and artificial biology and rather more.

It’s fairly clear that the WEF serves as a central hub for the implementation of this new international social order via its public-private partnerships. The reality that folks don’t announce their connections to the WEF makes it seem as if the technocratic, transhumanist motion is by some means natural, popping up right here, there and in all places, roughly organically.

In actuality, nevertheless, there’s nothing natural about it in any respect. It’s well-coordinated propaganda. Here’s how Corbett explains the WEF’s function sooner or later governance of world affairs:9

“The World Economic Forum has all the time sought to be, and is more and more changing into, that group that situates itself on the nexus of the public-private cooperation that can be ruled by the ESGs [Environmental, Social and Governance.

This is an umbrella term for ‘sustainable investing’’] and different kinds of frameworks that the World Economic Forum is spearheading, by which they’ll inform the world precisely what they will and can’t, ought to or shouldn’t be doing of their particular person enterprise efforts to be a part of this stakeholder capitalism.

Because you don’t personal what you personal. No, the society at massive owns it and all of us need to take heed to society’s pursuits in these items. But you possibly can’t speak to society, so that you may as properly speak to the World Economic Forum, who will inform you what society thinks.”

International Man of Mystery

So, who is that this “international man of mystery,” Klaus Schwab? As famous by Corbett, Schwab’s on-line historical past has been totally sanitized to depart few traces and threads to unravel. One of the extra revealing investigations into Schwab’s previous is Johnny Vedmore’s Unlimited Hangout report, “Schwab Family Values.”10

In it, he reveals Schwab as “the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labor and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb.” The Schwab household was additionally concerned in South Africa’s unlawful nuclear program, Vedmore claims, in addition to the European eugenics motion. He writes:11

“Especially revealing is the historical past of Klaus’ father, Eugen Schwab, who led the Nazi-supported German department of a Swiss engineering agency into the battle as a outstanding army contractor. That firm, Escher-Wyss, would use slave labor to provide equipment important to the Nazi battle effort in addition to the Nazi’s effort to provide heavy water for its nuclear program.

Years later, on the similar firm, a younger Klaus Schwab served on the board of administrators when the choice was made to furnish the racist apartheid regime of South Africa with the mandatory tools to additional its quest to turn out to be a nuclear energy.

With the World Economic Forum now a outstanding advocate for nuclear non-proliferation and “clean” nuclear vitality, Klaus Schwab’s previous makes him a poor spokesperson for his professed agenda for the current and the longer term.

Yet, digging even deeper into his actions, it turns into clear that Schwab’s actual function has lengthy been to ‘shape global, regional and industry agendas’ of the current to be able to make sure the continuity of bigger, a lot older agendas that got here into disrepute after World War II, not simply nuclear know-how, but in addition eugenics-influenced inhabitants management insurance policies.

… via the World Economic Forum, Schwab has helped to rehabilitate eugenics-influenced inhabitants management insurance policies throughout the post-World War II period, a time when the revelations of Nazi atrocities shortly introduced the pseudo-science into nice disrepute.

Is there any motive to consider that Klaus Schwab, as he exists at the moment, has modified in any approach? Or is he nonetheless the general public face of a decades-long effort to make sure the survival of a really outdated agenda?”

The Green Agenda Was Invented to Justify Depopulation Agenda

Aside from the WEF, there are various different organizations that work towards technocratic objectives. These embrace the Club of Rome, the Aspen Institute, the Trilateral Commission, the Atlantic Institute, the Brookings Institute and different assume tanks. According to Vedmore, the Club of Rome really impressed the creation of the WEF and its annual symposium that takes place in Davos, Switzerland.

The Club of Rome is a scientific assume tank that, just like the WEF, promotes “a global governance model led by a technocratic elite.” It was based solely three years earlier than the WEF, throughout a personal assembly between Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei and Scottish chemist Alexander King at a Rockefeller household residence in Italy. Vedmore writes:12

“Among its first accomplishments was a 1972 ebook entitled ‘The Limits to Growth’ that largely targeted on international overpopulation, warning that ‘if the world’s consumption patterns and inhabitants progress continued on the similar excessive charges of the time, the earth would strike its limits inside a century’ …

[In 1973], the Club of Rome would publish a report detailing an ‘adaptive’ mannequin for international governance that might divide the world into ten, inter-connected financial/political areas. The Club of Rome was lengthy controversial for its obsession with decreasing the worldwide inhabitants and plenty of of its earlier insurance policies, which critics described as influenced by eugenics …

However, within the Club’s notorious 1991 Book, ‘The First Global Revolution,’ it was argued that such insurance policies might acquire fashionable assist if the lots have been in a position to hyperlink them with an existential struggle towards a standard enemy.”

The widespread enemy the Club got here up with was mankind itself. An excerpt from “The First Global Revolution” reads, “In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.”13

It could also be fairly chilling for some to appreciate that the local weather change menace narrative was cooked up within the late Nineteen Eighties for the only real function of having the ability to implement a world depopulation agenda with out stirring up extreme resistance. As famous by Corbett, depopulation and eugenics are “always at the heart of what they do,” referring to the WEF and any variety of different organizations, together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As disturbing as all of this may be, it’s vital to not stick our heads within the sand and faux it’s not occurring. It is occurring. The COVID pandemic was used to roll out a clearly transhumanist, technocratic agenda, and the WEF is driving the rollout.

In closing, the sleuths amongst you can begin tying the threads of this net collectively by making use of the WEF’s web site, www.weforum.org. Corbett offers the next instance in his report. Simply lookup any firm presently within the information, and see if they’ve any ties to the WEF.

For instance, the world’s largest meat provider, JBS, claimed it was hit by a cyberattack in June 2021, forcing it to close down its distribution.14 Looking on the WEF’s associate listing, you’ll discover JBS is actually one among its companions. As famous by SilView Media, “JBS, a WEF member, coincidentally fulfills Klaus Schwab’s Cyber Polygon 2020 fantasies, ahead of Cyber Polygon 2021.”15

What has Schwab been predicting? Cyberattacks that threaten international transportation, distribution methods and the meals provide. What are we seeing an increasing number of of proper now? Cyberattacks on transportation, distribution methods and the meals provide. Coincidence? Or predictive programming? You resolve.

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