What is your life story? Do you’re feeling like a sufferer of your circumstances? And if that’s the case, how does this have an effect on your future? In at the moment’s present, our visitor James Sweigert, who struggled out of a traumatic childhood, shares how the ability of his ideas and the spoken phrase modified his life. 

Are you able to make some edits to your life story? Tune in and James will allow you to go out of your head to your coronary heart so you may win the sport.






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Announcer: You’re listening to the Psych Central Podcast, the place visitor specialists within the discipline of psychology and psychological well being share thought-provoking data utilizing plain, on a regular basis language. Here’s your host, Gabe Howard.

Gabe Howard: Welcome to this week’s episode of The Psych Central Podcast, calling into the present at the moment, now we have James Sweigert. He is a tv and movie producer who has labored for a lot of main manufacturers and studios reminiscent of Apple, Netflix and Hulu. He’s additionally the creator of the brand new ebook, If You Say So, which discusses the ability of the spoken phrase and the tales we inform ourselves about ourselves. Welcome, James.

James Sweigert: Thank you very a lot. It’s nice to be right here.

Gabe Howard: Can you inform us a bit bit about your story and the way and why you modified it?

James Sweigert: Sure, the title of the ebook, If You Say So, the subtitle is My Story and How I Changed It to Save My Life. And I got here from a reasonably tumultuous childhood. I used to be the youngest of 12 youngsters. There was a whole lot of abandonment, abuse. It was chaos. It was full pandemonium. And so in consequence and being the youngest, I obtained left behind. Lots of people suppose, oh, you’re the youngest, you’re the child of the household. But there have been simply too many youngsters. And my mother additionally ran a daycare out of the home. So it was fairly loopy on the home. And having gone by means of a whole lot of issues like being left at fuel stations and left at college and left at grocery shops and that form of factor, I began to develop tales round these occasions that occurred to me, together with abuse. I used to be molested by family members and a neighbor from the ages of seven to 12. Because of simply overlooking, I simply felt like I didn’t matter. Nobody was on the market defending me. Everybody was too busy on survival mode. Loads of the older brothers and sisters discovered medicine and alcohol, which I ultimately discovered on the age of 12 and used as my coping mechanism by means of adolescence and early maturity. And I ended up a drug addict, alcoholic, coping with extreme despair and suicidal tendencies and in the end a suicide try that I used to be fortunate sufficient to outlive.

James Sweigert: So all of us have tales, proper, as a result of we’re all going to be victims of one thing in life. And it’s how we reply to that. Out of those occasions, I began to develop tales early on that I don’t matter. I’m damaged, I’m unlovable. They’re going to determine me out. I’m a phony. All of those tales that I tended to loop into my head properly into maturity they usually didn’t serve me. In truth, they only compounded my despair. And I used to be simply fairly positive that the world can be a greater place if I wasn’t in it. What occurred for me is I requested for assist on the age of twenty 5. I used to be despondent. It was following a suicide try and assist arrived within the type of quite a few academics, a brother that helped me discover these academics. And I used to be capable of get clear and sober at twenty 5. And I met some superb academics that helped me understand that I used to be telling myself tales that weren’t true and that I might change the story. And it’s by means of a whole lot of laborious work. There’s a prepare metaphor I take advantage of about doing the work now we have to do to go course of and really feel these unfelt emotions. You know, now we have a baggage automobile, now we have a passenger automobile, now we have a bar automobile and the caboose.

James Sweigert: Some of us spend a bit an excessive amount of time within the bar automobile. That was a part of my story and on the caboose, reflecting on what coulda, shoulda and woulda been. And then additionally spending an excessive amount of time within the baggage automobile, simply all my luggage and observing it and never doing something about it. And we’ve obtained to do away with that baggage. We’ve obtained to really feel these unfelt emotions and course of that stuff so we are able to transfer on and be free from it and forgive and apologize. And in the end, the work I must do is being up in that little steam engine locomotive with my overalls on, decide up the shovel and begin shoveling coal into that furnace, which powers my prepare and strikes my prepare ahead. And that furnace is an analogy for our ardour, our soul’s need, if you’ll, and there’s work to be carried out with the intention to come out of our outdated tales. And that’s the shoveling coal a part of doing the work now we have to do, whether or not it’s going to remedy and feeling these uncomfortable emotions and processing them. Someone as soon as advised me an excellent line. They stated, if you happen to’re going by means of hell, hold going. So that’s sort of how I modified my story.

Gabe Howard: I like any analogy that includes a prepare, I believe that it’s an underutilized type of transportation and analogy. Let’s discuss in regards to the ebook for a second, as a result of within the ebook,

James Sweigert: Sure.

Gabe Howard: One of the issues that I seen is that you just talked about helpers and takers. Can you clarify

James Sweigert: Yes.

Gabe Howard: How these two teams differ?

James Sweigert: Absolutely. And thanks for pointing that out. You’re the primary individual to drag that out of the ebook and ask me that query. I believe there’s two sorts of individuals. Ultimately, there’s helpers and there’s takers and the takers are straightforward to identify on this world. I believe we are able to see who the takers are. But the best individuals in historical past, the best individuals of all time have all the time been the helpers, the Mother Teresa of the world, the Princess Di’s of the world, the Martin Luther King’s of the world and their helpers, their selflessly giving of themselves was taking a whole lot of danger. And actually simply following their ardour and their ardour was to assist individuals, to assist liberate individuals, to assist in giving individuals dignity and to point out love. And to me, I wish to be on the proper aspect of historical past. And that’s why I’ve been actually blessed with an excellent life. I used to be capable of come out of the darkness into the sunshine and in the end succeed at being a really profitable producer in Hollywood and residing in Beverly Hills. My life is a dream. So now that I’ve completed a lot, it’s actually my intention to present again each time I do a talking engagement. I additionally supply an unpaid talking engagement to an underfunded program, interior metropolis faculties, charities. And if anyone listening to your podcast has a corporation the place they really feel they might profit from me coming to talk, speaking in regards to the energy of the spoken phrase and the way we are able to change our tales and the way we are able to really change our tales to search out happiness and true success, I’m pleased to return and discuss. What I do and I simply love serving to individuals and fulfills me. It provides me an excellent sense of goal and responsibility. And after I get a letter again or a be aware or a touch upon how my ebook even has modified so many individuals’s lives already in a brief time frame, it simply that’s all the things for me. That’s my furnace. Right. That’s my soul’s need is to assist others to search out what I used to be capable of finding.

Gabe Howard: Let’s discuss the way you described your life as blessed and the explanation that I’m going to zero in on it is because in your introduction, you talked about having a very, actually tough childhood. But after all, that’s not what you’re specializing in. You’re specializing in the place you at the moment are and all of the success that you just’ve had. I think about that’s troublesome for some individuals. It’s lots simpler to dwell on the properly, the actually traumatic issues that occurred to us as individuals. How did you handle to flee that?

James Sweigert: Yeah, for me, there’s an excellent line, I heard anyone stated, you’ve obtained to hit your head on the underside of the pool with the intention to learn the way deep it’s generally. And for me, that was the case. Like I stated, we’ll all be victims of one thing. And I believe once we’re in sufficient ache and that’s when it comes time for us to be prepared to vary and to vary the story, as a result of we see these individuals on the market who’re adverse on a regular basis and you need to take note of what you’re targeted on. I simply can’t deal with the darkness as a result of I’ll get extra darkness. The universe offers you no matter story you inform it. And we all know these individuals on the market which might be cynical and adverse they usually’re watching the information on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter in the event that they’re blue or pink consuming the information on a regular basis. It’s simply the negativity and the the sensationalized information on both aspect of the aisle. It’s laborious to be pleased. And if that’s what I’m targeted on, the noise, all that’s going to return out of me is noise, and it’s going to be not possible for me to be pleased. And so what I needed to do is I needed to actually take note of what I’m targeted on. And it’s my selection. Every morning there’s an excellent Abraham Lincoln quote that persons are as pleased as they make up their minds to be. And for a very long time gave I didn’t know I had a selection. And that’s actually the intention of my ebook, is to let individuals know you’ve a selection. You aren’t the sufferer of circumstance.

James Sweigert: You should take private accountability for your self and you may really create your individual, whether or not at the moment it’s simply the legislation of attraction. You get what you’re targeted on. And I’ve those who have come to work for me the place their mobile phone display screen is all the time damaged. They’re late to work. The laptop’s cracked and it doesn’t work. And you hear how they talk about themselves on the earth they usually’re simply adverse. And it’s we’re by no means going to make it they usually by no means make it. Conversely, if you see people who find themselves targeted on what’s good and what’s working they usually’re talking positively about themselves and others they usually’re talking within the route of fact and love, like Don Miguel Ruiz’s 4 agreements, the primary of the 4 agreements is be impeccable together with your phrase and don’t converse towards your self or others and all the time converse within the route of fact and love. And I believe for any illness, whether or not it’s despair or alcoholism or drug habit or suicide, the treatment for that, it’s a physique, thoughts, spirit, answer. Dr. Karl Young wrote about it. William James wrote about it within the eighteen lots of that it’s not simply psychological and it’s not simply bodily, however to there needs to be some form of non secular shift. And I don’t care. I coach people who find themselves Muslim. I coach people who find themselves Jewish and Christians throughout the board. As lengthy as you consider in one thing that’s nice and that’s love and that’s in favor of all peacefully cohabitate, as a result of that’s an necessary ingredient. As you may hear, I’m very enthusiastic about this topic, so.

Gabe Howard: It’s an excellent topic and I’m inclined to agree with most of it, since you’re proper, we are able to all agree that phrases can be utilized for good or evil. And it’s not even actually in regards to the phrases. It’s the context. It’s how we make individuals really feel with our phrases. It’s about how we make ourselves really feel with our phrases. And that’s what you clarify in your ebook about how the ability of phrases can form your life. And

James Sweigert: Absolutely.

Gabe Howard: You actually discuss lots in regards to the energy of the spoken phrase. Can you develop on that for our listeners?

James Sweigert: Absolutely. If you concentrate on it, Adolf Hitler within the Thirties used the ability of the spoken phrase to nearly exterminate the race of individuals, and that was utilizing the ability of the spoken phrase for evil and for hate. It’s extremely highly effective. I believe that’s a testomony to it. Conversely, let’s take into consideration what we might do going the opposite approach with it. Think in regards to the intention of the ability of the spoken phrase within the route of fact and love and compassion and help and encouragement. Someone requested me the opposite day, they had been like, you’re like a life coach. And I stated, no, I’m extra like a life cheerleader. You know that you have already got the playbook within you. It’s my job simply that can assist you go out of your head to your coronary heart to crack open your playbook so you may win the sport. And that’s actually one of the best ways to explain what I do and the way I assist individuals, as a result of I’m not going to inform individuals what to do. And that’s the great thing about the title of this ebook. My niece Julia is she’s good as a whip, and he or she gave me some nice suggestions on the ebook in relationship to how I used to be going to navigate writing about my household as a result of I didn’t actually wish to harm anyone. This was not a inform all ebook. This is a useful ebook.

James Sweigert: And Julia got here to me as a result of you already know what I like in regards to the title of your ebook? She stated, you may’t argue with it. And I like that. I simply love that I’m not out right here making an attempt to transform anybody as a result of that may be an actual turnoff. But what I do wish to do is attain the those who don’t know they’ve a narrative or they don’t know they’ll change it. And it begins with how we talk about ourselves, as a result of individuals who have come by means of childhood trauma or any sort of trauma, for that matter, they create a narrative about that. And I’m not speaking in regards to the true tales. I’m speaking in regards to the tales that we inform ourselves in the dead of night once we’re sick and we don’t really feel properly. Those are the tales that I wish to get to and that I wish to make clear so that folks can see these. And in my workshops and in my seminars will try this. People begin to uncover their tales and make clear that. And then we begin to discuss what would you like your new story to be? And let’s deal with that. Let’s write that. What’s the information story? And one of many issues I do is I get individuals to actually have a look at their lives and say, look, are you grateful? Is there one thing in your life you’re grateful for? And I’ll have them shut their eyes and take into consideration that.

James Sweigert: And I stated, deal with that factor. Whatever it’s, it may be your canine or cat, be your spouse or your husband. And I stated, Now, what I would like you to do is open your eyes, get up and say, I’m so grateful and I like my life and yell it collectively. And hastily you see, utilizing the ability of the spoken phrase, you may actually change your now as a result of I stated, do you’re feeling the vitality change within you if you yelled that out loud and everybody stated sure, overwhelmingly, did you’re feeling the vitality change within the room? Absolutely. And in order that’s one little train that folks can make use of proper now. Just consider one thing you’re grateful for after which simply yell it out loud how grateful you might be for it. And that actually can change the vitality in your now. So deliver your chin up 1 / 4 inch so you can begin to deal with what’s good, what’s working and begin to transfer within the route of your happiness, your desires. And that’s true success to me. I don’t know. Money’s clearly not the measurement of success, however you understand how fulfilled you might be and the way pleased you might be is admittedly the measure of your success.

Gabe: We’ll be proper again after these messages.

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Gabe: We’re again discussing the tales we inform ourselves about ourselves with creator James Sweigert.

Gabe Howard: Let’s play satan’s advocate for a second, as a result of I do know there’s anyone listening to this and saying, so what you’re saying is that if I’m in a foul approach, I simply inform myself I’m in a great way and poof, all the sudden all the things is best. And I think about that that’s not what you’re saying. There’s much more steps than that. But to anyone listening to this and says, pay attention, you’re simply repackaging the ability of optimistic pondering and reselling it to me. What do you need to say for these individuals?

James Sweigert: I’ve a younger man that I mentor and and this goes again to what I used to be saying earlier, the place we’re all going to be victims of one thing in life. And I’m not speaking a couple of Pollyanna perspective the place you simply ignore difficulties and challenges in actual life occasions. It’s not what I’m speaking about. It’s how we reply to these, as a result of they’re going to occur, proper? There’s going to be loss of life, there’s going to be loss, there’s going to be ache. And one of many younger males who I mentor, he’s about thirty seven. He and his spouse had a child, little Charlotte, nearly two or three years outdated. They obtained pregnant once more with their second daughter, Lily and Lily. They had been doing the early assessments whereas Fran was nonetheless pregnant. It was decided Lily didn’t have a proper ventricle. And they did all the analysis. They talked to all of the docs. They particularly occur to be Catholic. So they talked to their priest and their clergy about what ought to we do right here? And principally a few of these youngsters, after they’re born, they go into open coronary heart surgical procedure straight away. And a few of these kids survive and have regular pleased lives. Some of them don’t make it. And so what they did with their religion they usually prayed on it they usually stated, we’re going to present the most effective probability at Lily having a very good life. So they selected to undergo with all the things. And proper after Lily was born at UCLA Hospital three days later, she went in for open coronary heart surgical procedure as this tiny little fragile toddler. She was connected for a couple of month and a half, two months on life help and tubes and wires.

James Sweigert: And we went up there. I used to be up there on daily basis with them. And I’ll simply again up and say there’s nothing on this world extra painful than shedding a baby. There simply isn’t. And that is what they had been confronted with. And so by using their religion, their braveness, they walked by means of this occasion with a lot dignity and a lot grace. And we’re of service to that little one. And there’s a few months later, there comes the time the place they should take the child off life help to see if it may survive or not. And in that point, it come they usually pulled the child off life help and the child didn’t make it. Now, I’ll say to you this. I do not need kids. I used to be not capable of have kids. But there’s nothing extra painful than that. And I watch as a result of once we had been praying for Lily, we had prayer circles. And at one level I out loud, I used to be praying for Lily to outlive and the medical points. And Devon, her father, seemed over to me, put his hand on my shoulder and he stated, you already know what? We’re not going to wish for Lily to stay. We’re going to wish for God’s will. For Lily do is sort of a ton of bricks hit me within the chest as a result of I noticed that he knew that little one belonged to the universe. The little one didn’t belong to him and his spouse. It confirmed me such extraordinary religion and braveness and dignity.

James Sweigert: And the best way they walked by means of that was completely unimaginable. Of course, it was painful. Of course, there was anguish and mourning grief. And all of us went by means of that. And I used to be by his aspect each step of the best way. And we went by means of that horrible scenario, that tragic occasion of their household. And they moved on. They stored her reminiscence alive they usually acknowledged her within the house. They didn’t do it. Lots of people do. We’re not going to speak about it once more. I’ve some associates who’ve misplaced siblings, they usually’re simply the households stated we’re not speaking about it ever once more. But they stored it alive for Charlotte. They talked about her sister, that she’s with God now. And what was superb to me was that due to their religion, in my view, they didn’t surrender. And two years later, a pal obtained pregnant once more. They had a ravishing new child daughter, Zoe, and now they’ve two splendidly stunning kids. And this reminiscence of how they had been capable of get by means of one thing very troublesome, however not let it dictate their future and wreck their lives, as a result of I’ve seen that occur to individuals the place they make it about themselves they usually wish to play the sufferer they usually stay the sufferer for many years. So if you happen to’re on the market struggling, I hear, how do I take advantage of the spoken phrase? What if I don’t consider it? This is the place the non secular part is available in that I consider in an excellent spirit and the ability of the universe. I consider in a non secular entity that desires us all to be pleased. I actually do.

James Sweigert: I believe crops and timber and the nice sequoias, they develop up defying gravity. And I consider that the universe needs that for us as properly. And so you need to consider you can begin at the moment by saying, you already know what, my finest days are forward of me. You is likely to be in a gap proper now. You is likely to be in a darkish place. But there’s hope, as a result of even for after I was having suicidal ideas, my mentor stated to me, he stated, James, what if if you killed your self, the ache didn’t go away? And he stated, worse but, what if if you killed your self, the ache obtained worse? Because we’ve examine individuals who’ve died and began to go to the opposite aspect and seeing mild and all these sorts of stuff, and there’s the man that jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived it. The very first thing that he thought when he left off the bridge was, oh, my God, what am I doing with remorse? So that’s why I inform individuals like I simply begin saying my finest days are forward of me. And individuals say, how are you doing? Not so nice, however I’m getting higher. And you’re leaving room for enchancment, leaving room for alternative. So I don’t consider in denial and never acknowledging the place you’re at, what’s happening. You have to handle that stuff, however you need to consider it may get higher. And then there’s some those who simply wish to sit within the mud. And I’m like, the universe offers you no matter story you inform it, however you do have a selection.

Gabe Howard: One of the issues that you just say, after all, is that the universe offers you no matter you inform, it offers you in, and I actually consider that in some ways. But however in different circumstances, like actually excessive examples, struggle or poverty or after all, within the lives of youngsters, that rings much less true. Is there an outer limits to if you happen to say so, the place does it finish or the place does it start?

James Sweigert: Interesting questions. Let’s discuss in regards to the and also you’re within the enterprise of the thoughts, so let’s discuss in regards to the energy of the thoughts. One of the examples I’ll level to is the placebo impact. Right. What’s the reason {that a} sugar tablet give a human being the identical profit, the identical medical advantages that the precise medication provides individuals? And I’m speaking about vital numbers that there’s individuals who really profit from simply the thought that they suppose they’re taking one thing that can assist them of their situation. That’s the ability of the thoughts and that’s the ability of perception. You’ll get no matter you consider. And so if you happen to’re believing adverse ideas, you’ll get that your level in that shift in the direction of the dormancy. You’re going to get tough crusing. If I level that ship in the direction of the gorgeous sundown, it’s going to be clean crusing. It’s simply the legislation of nature. That’s simply the best way that issues work. There is not any restrict. There’s a restrict. If you say so, you’re speaking about struggle. And lots of people throw this out. When I begin speaking in regards to the legislation of attraction, after I say that life is all the time good, it’s simply our perspective of it that modifications individuals combat me on. What about 911? What about faculty shootings? And as I discussed earlier, that we don’t have management over everybody else, however we do have management of ourselves over what we’re targeted on, what we’re saying about ourselves and what we’re saying to others. That’s what I deal with is what I actually have energy over of my voice and my phrase. And so we’re all going to be victims of one thing. I like dad and mom who all the time purchase their youngsters a goldfish after they’re kids.

James Sweigert: It’s an excellent lesson of this expertise on this human life that this imperfect world the place we’re animals. So when a child has a goldfish after which he comes house sooner or later from faculty and the goldfish is floating on high of the water, what do you do? You grieve the lack of the goldfish. You have a bit ceremony within the yard. You bury it within the flower mattress, you set a bit gravestone and also you grieve the lack of your goldfish. And that’s to organize us for unhealthy issues occur in life. But we’re not accountable for all of that. But what I do know is that is after I’ve modified my story and I began to talk in a different way about myself and others. And after I began to concentrate to what I used to be targeted on and I began specializing in what’s good and what’s working in my life, I appeal to much more of that. And I’m much more peaceable in my life. I’ve much more wholesome, loving, nurturing relationships of those who make me a greater me. And I’m happier and I’m extra content material and I’m comfy in my very own pores and skin and that’s my proof. And actually lots of of hundreds, if not thousands and thousands of different individuals on the earth that do the identical factor. Because I used to be caught within the darkness, I didn’t know I had a selection. And that’s actually bringing it again full circle to this. That’s actually what the ebook is about, is to let people who find themselves struggling know that, hey, there are some issues you are able to do proper now to begin to flip this factor round.

Gabe Howard: One of the issues that you just discuss brazenly is that you just’re a survivor of sexual assault. I identical to to provide the alternative to speak about that as a result of it goes into what you had been saying, that folks all the time push again. What about 9/11? What about struggle? What about famine? You have your individual private hell that you just’ve handled. Can you expound on that for a second?

James Sweigert: One of the best items of suggestions I obtained on the ebook was obtained it’s actually uncooked. You’re extremely weak in that. And sure, I needed to inform my story as a result of I don’t wish to hold looping the story about all of the adverse, horrible issues that occurred to me and issues that I had carried out. I wished to place a interval on the finish of that story and transfer on. And once more, what I’m actually targeted on, you already know, how I’m so fortunate and blessed and grateful of this nice life that I’ve. But I write about a whole lot of actually tragic occasions. And what I’m discovering is I’m having lots of people direct message me on social media saying, you already know what, that occurred to me to thanks for sharing that. I’ve by no means been capable of discuss that when a whole lot of the work that I do, particularly with males, as a result of I believe for males, the stigma round M.S., the disgrace that comes with that and the stigma round that was one of many issues I stated I’d by no means, ever inform anybody. And somebody who considered one of my nice academics and nice inspiration to me is the well-known champion boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard. And he wrote a ebook known as The Big Fight. And it was about his battle with alcohol and medicines being the most important combat he ever had in his life. And he wrote in his ebook about how he was molested twice when he was a younger teenage beginner developing within the boxing ranks.

James Sweigert: And and I used to be so moved by his vulnerability and his honesty that it impressed me. I stated, you already know what? I want to inform my story. I must share my fact as properly in order that I might help hopefully crack open different women and men who stored {that a} secret as a result of we’re as sick as our secrets and techniques and people secrets and techniques and people resentments and that rage and that anger that now we have in the direction of our offenders, that breeds sickness, breeds tumors, it breeds I had bronchial asthma due to it. I had colitis due to it, as a result of I used to be affected by this rage within being wronged and being violated. And not till I used to be capable of find out about forgiveness. And in the end, when somebody defined to me that forgiveness isn’t about letting anyone else off the hook, it’s about letting ourselves off. And that was an enormous revelation for me. So, yeah, the world’s not good. And that’s precisely what my ebook is designed to assist individuals and the way they reply to tragic occasions and horrible issues which have occurred to them. Because if I proceed to combat issues however there’s a saying, what we resist persists, cease combating. I put my weapons down and now I’m actually targeted on what’s good, what’s working in my life, targeted on gratitude, targeted on love and deal with serving to others. And in consequence, I couldn’t be happier. I like what I do and I like everyone I do it with. And I’m actually fortunate.

Gabe Howard: James, I like all the things that you just’ve stated, I like your outlook on life, and naturally, I’m I’m actually glad that you just’re on the market serving to individuals. Where can individuals discover your ebook?

James Sweigert: My web site is JamesSweigert.com, and that’s S W E I G E R T, JamesSweigert.com. You may also get the ebook by means of there. You may also ebook me for talking engagements. Or if you happen to’re way of life teaching, I’m pleased to assist anybody I can. And sure, the ebook is accessible on Amazon, hardcover, paperback, Audible in addition to Kindle.

Gabe Howard: James, thanks a lot for being trustworthy. Thank you for being right here and we respect your time.

James Sweigert: You’ve obtained it, Gabe. Thank you a lot for having me in your podcast. I respect it and hope you’ve an excellent day. Unless, after all, you’ve different plans.

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