Is Buying a Condo Right For You?

Is it time to buy a home? Do you want to be a homeowner but can’t afford the lifestyle you have dreamed of? Condominium investing might be right for you. Condominiums are a great way to own a home without the hassle and responsibility of maintaining the exterior of your property. There are many reasons why you should buy a condominium and many reasons why you should not. You’ll have to decide whether this investment is suitable for your situation. It is equally important that you find an experienced realtor in Cincinnati to help make up your mind.

Condominiums appeal to all types of owners. New residents can purchase a condominium and start under any income bracket. Not only are condominiums appealing to first-time home buyers, but they are also great for anyone looking to be part of a community or one close to work. Condominiums are ideal for retirees because they can’t maintain a home and want to be close to shops and entertainment. They want a secure place that provides them with a feeling of safety and security and a sense of being part of a community.

Pros of Buying a Condo in the Cincinnati Area

Lower Price
This is the main reason why most people purchase a condominium. They will only spend 30%-40% of their annual income on mortgage payments. This is an extraordinary amount of money for anyone, especially first-time buyers. Cincinnati is beautiful for first-time buyers because of the low cost of living. The city is home to Red Bull Arena, Great American Ballpark, Paul Brown Stadium, and Sharonville Convention Center. From the Cincinnati Music Hall to Fountain Square, Cincinnati has a rich history.

Low Risks Involved in Condominium Investing
A condominium association is responsible for maintaining your property’s exterior, including the parking lot, trees, and sidewalks. This is a massive advantage if you work. You can be assured that your property will be safe and secure while you are at work. The association is also responsible for making repairs if they deem it necessary. All condominium owners are invested in the security of their property and the surrounding community.

The association also provides services you would not have in a traditional home. For example, they provide snow removal and garbage removal. These are things that the tenants usually pay for in a single-family home. There are also security deposits, which are turned into the association. These are significant amounts of money and help the association build a reserve fund. They protect all owners’ interests and ensure a pool of funds to pay for repairs.

Great Community
The Cincinnati area is not only attractive, but it has excellent neighborhoods. Many parks and recreational centers in the area provide great places to walk or exercise. You can also be assured that there are good neighbors who will welcome you with open arms. The neighborhood will offer a sense of community, which many people desire. There are also some beautiful towns in the area that are great retreats on the weekend.

Cons of Buying a Condo in the Cincinnati Area

Condo Fees Are Expensive
The one disadvantage of condos is that there are monthly fees that you must pay. They are not as significant as paying for a mortgage, but they can add up quickly over time.

High Maintenance
If you are not handy and don’t want to be a do-it-yourself person, you may face some difficulties with condo maintenance. The association will charge you to repair the damage if you make a mistake. This can be a big problem if you are not careful and don’t know how to complete simple repairs.

No Curb Appeal
You may not have a front yard, which is not always appealing to some people. You have to rely on the curb appeal of the community association to make your home look great. For example, if there are no sidewalks, you won’t be able to create a visual appeal at the front of your home.

Restrictive Rules
These rules can affect your lifestyle because you will have to follow the laws of the association. If you don’t keep up the exterior, they will contact you. You may even have to pay a fine, which is not ideal if you don’t have the money. One example is that you might not be able to have a pool in your backyard. This can be a big disappointment if you live in a hot part of the country.

Difficult to Sell
You’ll have to sell your home before you can buy another one. You’ll have to fish through all the rules and restrictions in your community. Finding a buyer is also challenging because many people don’t want to live in such an establishment. This cannot be easy if you plan to move and sell your house. Many people don’t purchase a second condominium but a single-family home.

Slow Appreciation
The appreciation rate for condominiums is much slower than for a single-family home. It could take decades to recover your initial investment in a condominium, but it depends on the location. You will see significant appreciation rates in certain areas. This can be a disadvantage if you plan to sell your condominium immediately. You may be stuck with your investment until a substantial real estate market changes.

Low Yields
The return you receive is only about 2% per year. This is not a significant amount of money, especially if you are counting on that to pay for part of your mortgage. You need a substantial amount of money to make it worth your while. Even the best condominiums in Cincinnati tend to fall into the high-end category concerning price.

Misdirected Sprawl
You may have trouble keeping your neighborhood from becoming a sprawling mess if you have a small-lot condominium. The land is being misdirected toward developing a complex and office space. This is not ideal for anyone who wants to live in their neighborhood. If you are looking for a residential area and expect to see homes, you will not be satisfied with the community’s look.