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Tidewater News Meet Our Team

At Tidewater News our staff is made up full and part-time semi-professional and professional writers on a mission to change the world by providing useful, entertaining and compelling content through our blogs. We love creating and sharing the fair, objective, helpful, in-depth articles you, the internet’s most fantastic readers, want and need.

John Lancing

Chief Editor

With a degree in English and many years of experience working for publications in New York, Florida and throughout the eastern seaboard, John Lancing has a great deal of expertise working with important stories and talented writers.

Kim Jackson

Staff Writer

Kim Jackson’s diverse knowledge base makes her a valuable asset to this publication and a great resource for readers. She is able to simplify the often complex legal issues that impact many local, national and international news stories.

Justin Keaver

Staff Writer

For many people the activities of the financial industry is impenetrable and impossible to understand. Through his articles Chicago native and newest staff member Justin Keaver is able to make the goings on of the financial industry easier for readers to understand.

Alexis Grossman


A highly skilled writer and editor, dog rescuer and biking enthusiast, Alexis Grossman is always looking for ways to contribute to this publication and the the world around her.She has a real flair for the written word, a vast vocabulary, advanced editing skills..

Carly Jones

Assistant Editor

Carly Jones’s background, real world experience and expertise with real estate investing gives her unique insight into the field. She uses this as a tool to share information on investing in real estate to which the average person..

Elijah Davis

Staff Writer

Health is people’s most important asset. Through his articles office comedian Elijah Davis addresses the pressing health issues of the day. He shares valuable information on nutrition, fitness, getting adequate rest and making the best use possible of the health care..

Miguel Lopez

Staff Writer

We live in a world where digital technology is now ubiquitous. Technology savant and tech guru Miguel Lopez is a writer who helps people be better able to understand and use the latest digital tools and toys.His articles help people make sense of the often confusing..

Josh Howell


Once a digital nomad, top featured contributor Josh Howell now spends his time happily writing well-researched, high quality articles covering topics ranging from craft beer, to competitive gaming and urban fantasy stories.. Plus, this tech savvy contributor also writes..


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