Planning a wedding in Ohio is something you will never regret. Ohio is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. and has an abundance of indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Whether you are planning a traditional or more contemporary wedding, there is something here for everyone. A church wedding ceremony can be held in a beautifully restored church with Southern charm and elegance. A barn wedding venue in Columbus Oh is ideal for a rustic wedding that suits the unique bride and groom.
How many people can the venue comfortably hold? A large forum will rent out better at a low price and may have more options and appeal to a broader range of your guests. A smaller venue can be more romantic, but you’ll have to be aware of extra fees for additional guests or wait until a few months before booking to get a discount. It’s essential to consider your guest list and the venue’s overall capacity.
The seating plan
It is sometimes overlooked, but you must know how your guests will attend the wedding. Whether you choose a giant or smaller venue, you need to consider the flow of guests and whether there will be tables. If you are having a meal, do you have enough space for a table of 10, or do people have to eat with strangers? Do you need to put up random tables, which always look funny? Something else to consider is whether your tables will be round or rectangular. With circular tables, there is no hierarchy – everyone gets the same floor space. Rectangular tables are more traditional and classier. Still, they may give seated guests less room and tend to direct conversation in specific directions rather than among all at the table.
Consider how far your guests will travel to get to the venue. Specific locations may make it difficult for older guests or in a different part of the country, requiring them to get transport and plot a course to their site. It would be better to book a drive-time place so they can arrive in their cars and spare the headache of figuring out traffic patterns. Be aware that some popular wedding venues, especially those with better-known locations, may have already reached their maximum capacity.
Be clear on how much you’re able to spend, as well as whether you have invited enough people that you can be flexible with numbers and have a large or small wedding. It will help you choose between venues that may be more or less expensive than others. Also, some venues charge extra for a rehearsal dinner or if you have less than a certain number of people at the ceremony. It’s wise to plan to be on the ball with budgeting, as you want to spend what you can afford.
Is the venue available on the date you need it?
A venue available on your preferred date may be ideal for a small wedding because they can let you book it in advance. Alternatively, if a venue is seasonal, you may need to book a year in advance. It’s best to be prepared for this and note any closed dates so you can check the venue’s calendar before contacting them.
How long will the ceremony take?
If it interferes with photos, you don’t want to start your reception before the sun goes down. The time of day also affects how much light there is. Even if there are candles, creating shadows for photos requires some planning and will require a bit more time and effort from your photographer and you.
What is the cost and availability of a caterer?
Consider whether the venue has in-house catering or if you’ll need to find a caterer. If the platform does have in-house catering, check to see if it’s expensive and what the menu options are. It’s also a good idea to look at the venue’s website to see if any pictures of past events are available. It can give you a better idea of the layout, such as whether there is enough space for proper tables and a dance floor.
What about restrooms?
While this may be an afterthought for men, it’s a good idea to think about the bathroom situation so your guests don’t get frustrated when they’re searching for one or have trouble getting in and out when it’s crowded. Restrooms are sometimes tucked away somewhere challenging to find, and they may be limited in number.
What are their wedding packages, and what is included?
Venues will often have packages, so choosing the one that works best for you is important. The package should include chairs, tables, a dance floor, and decorations. If these things are outside the package, make sure you know how much they cost, whether they’re mandatory, or if there is a standard setup.
If you’re having photos done at the wedding, consider how much time you’ll have with an available photographer before guests are allowed into the venue and whether they can shoot in certain parts of the forum. It’s also important to consider whether you plan to have any catering or drinks at the venue.
Party Information
If you’re going for a theme, ask how it can be incorporated into the decorations if there are limitations on what can go up. Some venues may not allow certain food items usually served during wedding receptions, and others may have specific rules about alcohol. Make sure you know what is and isn’t authorized so as not to disappoint your guests or yourself.
A suitable venue will make your wedding perfect. Planning a wedding is fun, but it may not always go according to plan, so pay attention to having a backup venue in case anything goes wrong. Whatever your choice, wedding venues can be a lot of fun. Remember to choose one available when you need it.