Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is an ever-evolving set of disciplines responsible for protecting our environment, workers, and the public from occupational hazards. As technology advances, so do the tools and software used to help EHS managers assess and mitigate workplace risks in real time. The right tools can help streamline the process of creating a safe work environment while providing critical data to aid EHS professionals in making smart decisions.
Therefore, EHS professionals must know the best software available and how to implement and use it properly. Here are the essential software solutions for Environmental Health and Safety management:
  1. Benchmark Gensuite
Benchmark Gensuite is an industry-leading cloud-based software platform that enables Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) teams to monitor performance, share best practices, and streamline holistic management processes. Developed by hardworking EHS professionals who understand the industry, this system helps organizations establish new standards to safeguard personnel, protect the environment, and meet EHS compliance demands.
Moreover, Benchmark Gensuite gives users an interactive platform that provides up-to-date insights on safety trends, situational risk awareness, and industry news. Through the suite of purpose-built applications – including incident tracking, proactive operations management, hazard risk assessment, and predictive analytics – users can quickly identify risks or issues, which helps to avert costly safety incidents.
Benchmark Gensuite’s Advanced Analytics capabilities provide users with actionable insights into the data and performance across their entire organization, offering users a comprehensive Big Picture view. Additionally, the platform’s built-in reporting capabilities further enable users to analyze trends and gain insights that help drive continuous improvement. This feature set makes Benchmark Gensuite the best EHS software for EHS professionals who must stay on top of the latest performance trends and keep their workforce safe.
  1. Forms On Fire
Forms on Fire is an app-based, cloud-hosted software solution that provides real-time data collection and digital workflow solutions to Health and Safety (EHS) departments. Organizations can quickly inspect, audit, order, and document safety protocols using Forms on Fire. Moreover, with the Forms on Fire mobile app, EHS staff can capture data on the go so that key insights are always at their fingertips.
The Forms on Fire software helps to automate tedious processes, making it easier for teams to review, analyze, and document important safety hazards and risks. Additionally, the software allows for timely data transference into various software platforms and analytical programs, creating detailed reports and summaries that help EHS professionals monitor progress and make more informed decisions.
Forms on Fire is designed with health and safety in mind, offering teams the ability to integrate a range of security protocols, encryption, and multi-level access for maximum control and security. Overall, Forms on Fire helps to streamline the EHS process and makes it easy to monitor and document safety procedures in the future 
  1. Assure by Evotix
Assure by Evotix is an all-in-one software suite explicitly designed to help health and safety professionals manage environmental, occupational, and other safety hazards in their organizations. The software provides a complete suite of tools to help manage risk, including tools to track and analyze safety performance, create safety policies, and monitor safety compliance. Assure by Evotix helps EHS managers quickly identify potential safety risks, create safety action plans, and track the effectiveness of the plans over time.
The software is highly customizable, with a library of modules and widgets for monitoring, reporting, and managing safety performance. Its streamlined and easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to view crucial safety metrics and analyze areas of improvement. The software also includes templates and industry best practices to help organizations create safety policies quickly and easily.
  1. 3E Protect
3E Protect is a chemical management software designed to help EHS professionals properly monitor, manage, and maintain compliance with chemical inventories. The software lets users track chemical inventory and access associated safety data sheets in seconds. It also provides real-time data on hazardous chemicals, allowing users to identify potential safety risks and take appropriate action quickly.
The software is designed to make chemical safety compliance a breeze, and its user-friendly dashboard puts all the tools you need to manage your chemical inventory at your fingertips. It also makes generating accurate and comprehensive reports easy to keep you up-to-date with the latest legal and regulatory requirements. Moreover, 3E Protect also offers advanced analytics and predictive tools that allow users to identify potential areas of concern and take corrective action as needed.
This reduces the potential for human error and ensures that chemicals are always kept safe. 3E Protect is a powerful and reliable chemical management software designed to keep your workplace safe and compliant with the latest regulations. Whether you are a large-scale business with a high volume of chemicals or a smaller business with one or two chemicals, 3E Protect can help ensure your workplace is always safe 
  1. Xafy Safety App
The Xafy Safety App is a mobile and web-based application that provides EHS professionals with a suite of tools designed to help them assess, manage, and monitor workplace safety. It is simple and helps organizations easily identify, track, and manage potential safety risks across departments, processes, and sites.
The app also offers unique features such as customizable forms and checklists, live mapping and tracking of incidents, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. This comprehensive solution can help reduce workplace incidents, reduce costs associated with workplace injuries, and protect personnel from potential danger. Xafy Safety App is an excellent tool for EHS professionals to have in their toolbox as it provides the necessary tools to ensure the safe and healthy operation of an organization’s facilities.

The right software can play a critical role in the success of a health and safety program. With the proper health and safety compliance software, EHS professionals can streamline operations, monitor performance, reduce potential incidents, and ensure regulations are followed. All of this helps to create a safe workplace, mindful of potential risks, and able to execute preventive measures as needed. The software solutions listed above can help EHS professionals create a comprehensive workplace safety policy and ensure their organization is always in compliance.