When it comes to farming equipment built to last, the John Deere brand is a famous one and always in demand. As proof, a recent estate sale for the late Vernon Joyner brought in a record whopping amount for a vintage tractor in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. A Canadian collector took home the big haul and won the bid at $23,250.

Joyner’s widow, Agnes, told reporters that she knew the 1972 tractor was a classic model and that plenty of folks were eyeing the auction piece. She believed it could go for about $13,000, but when the bidding continued, she knew the tractor would deliver a considerably higher amount. She’s thankful that her husband’s old tractor sold for a such a hefty price.


The sale of the 1972 John Deere 2520 tractor (side console, SN# 023060R) was conducted by Rich and Rich Bonded Auctioneers International, Inc. According to reports, interested bidders arrived from Texas, Indiana and Ohio to the farm estate auction on January 6th, 2011.

Word has it that the late Vernon Joyner took very good care of his farm equipment during his long farming career, and it’s paid off well for his widow. He used the tractor for a good 38 years, and back in those days, Joyner paid $8,9802 for the power shift model.

Even before the sale took place, interested parties called from around the country asking about the JD tractor. The particular model is one that is hard to hunt down today, and some folks like to purchase vintage tractors as a collection, and others are interested in completing their fleet of tractors from the 20s series, for example.

Vaughn says the early pre-bidding interest was a good indication that it was a hot item that would do very well, but when the bidding went past the expected amount, the auctioneers knew it was quite a rare piece.


Vaughn expected the tractor to bring in about $17,000, but the vintage item surprised even experts like himself.

For example, Vaugn listed other examples of old John Deere tractors that have recently sold at auctions:

A 1969 John Deere 3020 sold at auction for $8,900.
A JD L, unstyled brought in a price tag of $13,250.

Before Vernon Joyner’s 1972 John Deere 2520 was put up for auction, the record-high bid for a JD 2520 tractor had brought in $18,500. That vintage tractor was part of a major collector’s auction in July that was held at Wolf Point, MT, on July 17, 2010.

Vintage tractors are a hot commodity, and even the Wall St. Journal recently featured an article about old tractors making excellent investments.

The John Deere brand happens to be one of those in-demand farming equipment items folks are seeking. As the old saying goes, “If it’s painted green, it’s worth green.” If anyone is familiar with JD equipment, they cannot help but notice the bright green-colored, rugged machines.

Even today, you can walk into a John Deere dealer location and purchase an engine gasket that goes with a 1932 model A, according to vintage experts.

John Deere was originally a blacksmith and designed his first farm plow at age 33.

The late Vernon Joyner appears to have been an organized individual because he left behind the tractor’s old invoice. Agnes Joyner found the almost 40-year-old receipt and says the serial number on her husband’s tractor matched the serial number on the receipt.

At the moment, no one knows much about the new owner of Vernon Joyner’s 1972 John Deere 2520 tractor. He’s from Canada, but that’s about it. He is an unnamed collector.

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