Looking for a way to make passive income? Stickr Co offers one of the easiest ways to put some additional money in your pocket with little to no effort involved. Sound to good to be true? All you have to do is put a sticker on your car and take a picture of it each month to prove it’s still there. If you can manage to do that, you can make a nice passive income by spending a few minutes a month.

What is Stickr Co?

Let’s look at Stickr co, which claims to allow you to earn passive income every month by letting businesses display advertisements on your car’s rear windshield.

I tried it for four months, and I was able to earn an average of $71.12 per month in compensation, including cash and gift cards. However, it took some effort on my part, and I had to budget for some initial fees. I’ll go over whether or not it’s a good idea for you based on the circumstances.

We’ll review whether Stickr.co is a legitimate business or a scam. If you want to give it a try, I’ll walk you through the steps. We’ll go over how to generate a ton of money, and I’ll show you how much money you can make.

Is Stickr a Real or a Fraudulent Business?

The majority of the Stickr.co YouTube reviews concentrate on this topic, so if you’re looking into the company, you may be asking whether it’s a legitimate method to generate money.

It’s genuine, but there are traps to avoid if you want to give Stickr a go.

Since Summer 2020, I’ve been using Stickr.co. You won’t become rich, and if you aren’t careful, you could lose money.

You can earn hundreds of dollars a year if you don’t mind placing advertising stickers on your back windshield, you’re OK with getting part of your fee in restaurant gift cards, and you’ll take a photo of your vehicle every month.

To me, Stickr.co’s sales pitch appeared to be a fraud.

At first glance, here’s how I took what the firm was telling me on its website: “You may make money by advertising on your automobile, but you’ll have to pay us a large sum up front.”

We proceeded to dig a little deeper and discovered that if you’re willing to do all four of these things, it is feasible to generate money:

1. Make a firm decision to participate for at least a few months.

To begin, you must purchase a membership ($7.99 to $9.99 per month depending on the campaign you select), a one-time service fee ($3.29) for the decals, and installation fees (prices vary). If you want more stickers, there are three options for upgrading: a one-time “double your income” fee ($29.99), a one-time “5x pay” charge for four extra stickers ($49.99), and a premium service that includes free delivery and decals for life ($19.95).

Instead of earning a single $25 Restaurant.com gift card per month, the “double your revenue” option earns you two $25 Restaurant.com gift cards each month.

Some of the deals appear only after you’ve filled in your credit card information.

You may have to pay Stickr over $100 before you receive your decals. It might take you months just to break even depending on the options you pick and whether you use all of the Restaurant.com gift cards.

I don’t recommend that you try it if you believe you will abandon this project after a few months because the requirements and money up front are prohibitively expensive. The majority of your payment will most likely be in the form of Restaurant.com cards, so if you’re not going to use them, Stickr.co isn’t for you.

2. Always send your confirmatory photographs within the 36-hour period that you have been given.

Between the hours of midnight Mountain Time (2 a.m. ET) on the first day of the month and noon Mountain Time (2 p.m. ET) on the second day of the month, you must validate your participation each month. You’ll be paid in cash on the fifth of each month.

It’s simple to verify. Each month, Stickr offers you a word (in this case, “firework”), which you must write down on a piece of paper. After that, you snap a picture of your automobile with the decal(s) and paper clearly visible and upload it to Stickr.co.

Stickr reimburses your monthly subscription fee every month that you complete the verification process.

If you submit your photo late, not only will you lose money for that month, but you will also be charged for your monthly subscription fee.

I made that mistake once, and it was very inconvenient. I now set a reminder for myself on the first of each month. I propose that you do the same.

I don’t think you should join Stickr if you aren’t going to be disciplined enough to fulfill the schedule every time.

3. Be prepared to be proactive about collecting your remuneration, whether it is a gift card or cash.

You may join a membership, collect decals, put them on your vehicle’s windshield, and verify them with Stickr.co , yet you will not receive your Restaurant.com gift cards.

During the first month, I was a participant, I had to actively request my gift cards. On the Stickr.co website, I asked an agent via live chat how to access the page on the site where I could “activate” the monthly gift cards. But that procedure was only required once.

OK, I’ve got that squared away. Now let’s talk about the revenue hit. Normally, after clicking on a hyperlink in my email and directing traffic to one of my ads, Google sends me an automated message asking if they want to update their ad settings. If you looked at our site before now and haven’t seen anything new there recently

I’m not sure if this is a mistake on Stickr.co’s part or simply a “one-time” blunder (twice) for my account, but customer service responded promptly to the situation.

To be safe, you may want to double-check these items during your first month if you’re going to open an account.

4. Accept the Restaurant.com gift cards’ quirks.

The Restaurant.com gift certificates are not your average gift cards. You must spend at least $50 on your dining bill to utilize a $25 certificate, which is usually the case. They’re more like coupons than gift cards.

Restrictions on the usage of their facilities exist in some cases. For example, some eateries have restrictions limiting usage to weekdays or restricting it to either lunch or dinner.

Before signing up for Stickr, check out the restaurants in your area that participate with Restaurant.com. If you don’t enjoy going out to eat, there are few appealing options in your region, or you don’t want to spend more than $50 on food each month, Stickr.co may not be worth it for you.

Keep in mind that you can only redeem one $25 gift card at a time, and you must use it at least once before requesting another. As a result, in order to receive all of your rewards, you must be prepared to visit a participating eatery and spend at least twice as much money each month.

How Do Stickr.co’s Features Work?

If you’re interested in earning money with Stickr.co, the procedure is exactly the same as it is for other vehicle advertising opportunities.

The process is as follows:

  1. You verify your driver’s status.
  2. Complete the Stickr driver application.
  3. Select campaigns you wish to join.
  4. Get your decal and start advertising it.
  5. Make money

After reading many Stickr.co reviews and researching this firm, I’m still wary. But let’s see how each phase works for customers.

1. Looking for Campaigns

To get started with Stickr.co, simply input your zip code.

I’m not sure if this is simply to confirm that you reside in the United States and are near a large city, as Stickr.co claims it is available in all 50 states.

Whether or not you complete this short job, you’ll be led to a new portal where you may begin the driver application process.

2. Fill out the Stickr.co driver application

You must complete a brief survey about your driving habits and insurance coverage after you fill in your ZIP code.

Stickr.co, for example, requests potential drivers the following question:

  • How much miles do you drive on average each year?
  • If you have automobile insurance, your policy may cover the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle after an accident.
  • The name of the person for whom your automobile insurance is purchased
  • If you drive for Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Uber Taxi in your state, you may be eligible.
  • If your automobile is newer than 2015 and doesn’t have an iOS system, you’ll need to get the most recent update from the manufacturer before the 22nd of June.

That is all there is to it: the Stickr.co driver application procedure in a nutshell.

I find it odd that Carvertise doesn’t demand more in-depth information, such as if you commute to work, drive on highways, or other questions to assess your driving habits.

To summarize, the application procedure is straightforward.

3. Pick Campaigns

Once you’ve completed the application procedure, Stickr.co double-checks that you’re fine with advertising on your car.

A pop-up appears stating, “Do you accept that shipping is free, but some campaigns may need a deposit to guarantee decal installation?”

To be fair, you two were engaged before the proposal. You’ve only been together for a year and a half, after all. -> To be honest, this is quite amusing, and where Stickr becomes questionable, but bear with me as I go through this assessment.

When you click ‘Okay,’ your Stickr.co dashboard displays a list of available automobile advertising jobs on the site.

4. Mail Your Decal

If an advertising job ever requests you to pay to promote the product, you’re being swindled. As a rule of thumb, if an ad contract ever asks you to pay to advertise the goods, you’re getting taken.

Consider this: how many companies would be willing to pay you money to sell their products? Isn’t it crazy that someone could make a living selling something they don’t want or use themselves? I’m not just talking about these people who buy and sell music, either. Even if you’re not an expert on the subject at hand, thinking through these types of things.

Stickr.co is a terrible example for using the term “network marketing.” It’s got the wrong connotation, and it’s not at all what network marketing is about. It sounds like MLM to me, and I have an issue with Stickr.co in particular

When you click a campaign to join, you’re transferred to a new screen where you must supply your shipping and billing information.

Stickr-co-scamAccording to Stickr.co, you earn money every month as soon as you snap a photo of the decal on your vehicle.

However, the hitch is that to be eligible to apply the decal on your vehicle, you must first join Stickr.co for a monthly fee of $9.99.

According to Stickr.co, if you submit a photo of your decal they will refund the $9.99 monthly fee, but again, an advertising contract should never demand payments in order to advertise anything.

5. Make money?

According to Stickr.co, you may get money and free gift cards each month after submitting a photo of your vehicle with the decal on it and verifying that the decal is there.

“As a result of the campaign, I spent $50 on Uber Eats. Since this is not mentioned in the campaign details, I was unsure how much money I would receive until PayPal or direct deposit were used to make my contribution.

According to their website, the decal usually arrives in 3-7 days, thus you’ll be out $9.99 for about a week unless you check your decal and are reimbursed.

What Is Stickr.co’s Pay Rate?

Sticker advertising is one of the most successful methods to generate new customers and profits. According to Stickr.co, you might make up to $2,300 each year by promoting with vehicle decals.

The business also claims that it pays out in PayPal cash, direct deposit, or free restaurant gift cards in your region.

However, there’s another snag: Stickr.co mostly reimburses with Restaurant.com gift cards.

They’re not really gift cards and are more like coupons, since you usually need to buy twice the value of the gift card in order to get any savings.

Your Restaurant.com gift card, for example, might restrict you to spending $75 at a restaurant in order to receive $25; this is considerably different than having a straight-up gift card.

If you don’t live in one of the areas with a Restaurant.com partner (which include lesser-known chains that are difficult to discover anyhow), you’re out of luck.

Also, we haven’t even discussed if Stickr.co is a genuine business or a fraud, or what users of this firm have said online, so there’s another issue to delve into.

So, in a nutshell, Stickr.co claims that it pays up to $2,300 per year for drivers, but I don’t believe this is correct or what you should anticipate.

Stickr.co Customer Reviews – What Customers Think

When it comes to a side hustle, I think it’s usually a good idea to look at other reviews.

I want to inform you about Stickr.co in the strongest terms possible: it’s a scam and should be avoided at all costs! With that being said, there are a lot of other Stickr.co reviews on the Internet that go deeper into what’s really going on here.

Users on Reddit have accused Stickr.co of being a MLM that cheats customers out of a monthly membership and never pays them or even sends a decal!

Here’s what a few Stickr.co drivers had to say about the business: “I would recommend using Stickr if you are working within an industry that involves taking pictures and selling them on websites. This is something I have done for a long time and it doesn’t take much of any effort.” -“Stickr does not require much from

  • “I fell for it a few years ago when I was struggling. I had to pay a fee to get started then I had to pay a monthly fee to keep the sticker. I didn’t even put the sticker on my car. But allegedly you only got a small amount like for each sign up maybe $10 and the monthly fee was 9.99 I think. The startup kit was 39.99.”
  • “I paid around $50 to join, enticed by their flowery marketing and promise of extra passive income. Well, you actually have to pay $7.99 a month to put their sticker on your car. They pay you around $12 dollars a month – so minus the $7.99 you pay them, you are only making $4.00 a month. I brought that up with their rep, and she reminded me that I get around $50 of restaurant “gift cards”. These Restaurant.com gift cards are pretty worthless and so difficult to use.”
  • “I saw their ad yesterday and clicked on it. Answered a couple of questions, then left when asked for my info. I figured it was a scam. I appreciate the confirmation.

This isn’t the first time that Stickr.co has gotten negative reviews.

There have been several reports of former Stickr.co drivers claiming they never received payment or even saw a decal.

The following is what some other drivers had to say in this thread:

  • “It’s definitely a scam. I gave it a shot and all I am is out of money. They made a whole bunch of excuses about how their management team was trying to get me paid but I never saw a cent.”
  • “Got scammed 8 dollars a month for advertising them. How is that even fair, I even have emails of them saying they were going to PayPal me mon

Finally, Stickr.co currently has a 3.83 out of 5 star rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with an F grade and isn’t accredited.

There are a few good Stickr.co reviews on Sites like SiteJabber, Glassdoor, and Trustpilot, but I’m not sure if they’re genuine or not. The majority of the reviews are bad.

So, maybe Stickr.co is the best option for you. However, in my opinion, this isn’t a real money-making opportunity, at least for most users!

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of Stickr.co if you’re still considering using it to make money.

The Pros:

  • Passive earnings, but I don’t believe that this firm appeals to the majority of individuals.

The Cons:

  • Tons of scathing internet evaluations
  • You must buy a Stickr.co membership to use it.
  • There are many allegations that this firm is a fraud or an MLM scheme.
  • In terms of payment conditions and amounts, the lack of openness is quite apparent.

I believe you’re better off avoiding Stickr.co than risking paying for a membership and never seeing any money back.

Stickr.co Alternatives

If you enjoy the concept of making passive income but don’t want to give Stickr a go, there are a few alternatives.

You can try other vehicle wrapping jobs, such as Carvertise, but in my opinion the monthly pay and potential difficulties aren’t worth it.

In my opinion, you’re far better off making money with gig applications like as Uber Eats or Instacart.

If you want to make money without having too much work, you might consider renting out your vehicle on platforms like Getaround and renting out other items for money besides your automobile with firms like Neighbor.

I think all of these ideas have a higher earning potential than Stickr.co, and you don’t have to pay a monthly membership either and risk getting scammed!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Stickr.co Legit?

In my opinion, Stickr.co is not a legitimate company because it charges a monthly fee to advertise and has a track record of never paying drivers.

I think this is quite scammy, and while there are some positive Stickr.co reviews, it seems like most people never get paid or even reimbursed for their monthly membership fee.

2. Is Stickr.co Worth It?

If Stickr.co had a better track record of paying drivers, it might be worth it to advertise on your car and earn $50 per month in random gift cards.

But since Stickr.co clearly has negative reviews from many drivers and pays inconsistently, I don’t think it’s worth using.

3. How Do I Cancel My Stickr Membership?

If you’re stuck paying a monthly Stickr.co membership but want to cancel, you have a few options.

Firstly, you can use the “Manage My Account” tab on the website and then click the “Cancel My Account” button to begin the process.

You have to complete a short questionnaire about why you’re cancelling your account, but this should stop the monthly payments.

However, I also suggest emailing the company at [email protected] to request an account cancellation and to stop all monthly payments just so you’re extra sure.

4. How Much Does A Stickr Driver Make?

According to Stickr, a driver can earn up to $2,300 per year in free gift cards and PayPal cash.

However, I think most people don’t get paid or only make around $5 per month judging by reviews on Reddit, so the earning potential is low or non-existent.

Who Should Use Stickr.co?

In my opinion, this company isn’t worth using to boost your monthly income.

I think the risk of not getting paid is too high judging by the negative reviews.

And, there are so many other ways to make money, be it online money-making ideas or just trying gig economy jobs like Instacart.

The point is, put your time and effort towards side hustles with a higher earning potential!

Final Thoughts

I hope our Stickr.co review helps clarify how this company works and if you should use it or not.

I don’t like companies that make you pay a membership to try and make money. And, like the golden rule says, if something is too good to be true, it probably is!

If you have experiences using Stickr.co to make money, I’d love to hear more about your experiences in the comments.