Most letters to Santa are about children asking for toys, clothes, and even a pet or two. Sometimes, those letters can be filled with hateful statements. A little girl wrote a letter to Santa one year that including a few choice phrases that made the letter stand out from others that were received that year. The little girl claimed in the letter that she had been evil and that she wouldn’t get any presents from Santa.

One of the details in the letter that is perhaps the most heartbreaking is that the little girl didn’t care that she wouldn’t receive any gifts for Christmas. She knew that she should simply ask that there be peace on Earth because she knew that she would not receive it and neither would the other children who deserved to receive gifts.

Some people who read the letter thought that the girl was making a joke at the time. they couldn’t believe that she would think that she was evil and that she wouldn’t get anything from Santa. After the letter was published in a local newspaper, other children and parents read what the little girl wrote. It was a letter that shouldn’t have been published at the time because it could have upset those who read the details. Children who wrote letters asking for toys and other things might have seen that a little girl didn’t believe that they should have anything.


One person who read the letter to Santa felt that she has a lot to learn and that she shouldn’t feel as though she is an evil child or feel that other children are unworthy of receiving gifts. Sometimes, life is difficult. Money can be hard to find, and it can be difficult to make ends meet. However, the reader wanted the child to know that there are people who have fewer things in life than she has and that she should feel blessed to have the things that she does, such as clothing and shelter. There are people who don’t get what they want during the year, even children. Even if people deserve certain things in life, they don’t always get them, which is something that the reader wanted to get across to the little girl.

The person who read the letter from the little girl wanted others to know that Christmas is more than just getting gifts. It’s more than wanting everything that you see in the store. Christmas is a time of the year when people should share the love in their hearts that Jesus has for others. It’s a time when people should give instead of focusing on receiving all the time. The reader wanted the little girl to know that Jesus might be missing from her heart.


Most of the things that people want are earned because they work for them. They don’t write Santa a letter and get everything that is on the list. If you want something, you have to work for it instead of taking it or asking others all the time for the things that you need. The reader wanted to know why the little girl thought that she needed anything other than the love her parents gave her and the food, clothing, and shelter that they provided for her. Another question about the letter was why the little girl thought that she was evil and who would have suggested that she wasn’t worthy of being loved. The girl was encouraged to find a church and to look inside her heart to discover the love of Jesus. Although the letter was intended to be a joke, it sparked quite a bit of debate as to the real meaning of Christmas.

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