Many people are today looking for ways to hold a cheap funeral. The reality is that these individuals do care about their loved ones, but their current economic situation can’t allow them to organize an expensive one. Luckily, with a bit of creativity and some pre-planning, it’s possible to plan a nice send-off for someone dear to you without spending too much. Simply put, you can hold a cheap funeral without worrying that it will look cheap. Read on for tips on how to go about planning a funeral on a budget.

Plan Ahead
Planning is the leading way to save money on funeral expenses. Deciding early on, on what you would like will prevent you from making costly emotional decisions. It also allows you enough time to think about the things that matter to you.

For example, is it a must that the casket is made of top-of-the-line exotic wood and has solid gold casket handles? Although you may want this, there’s a high probability that you can always get by with something more modest. And while you can’t always prepare for everything, it’s highly recommended that you do so.

Obtain Quotes from Several Local Funeral Homes 
The prices quoted by funeral homes tend to vary based on the services on offer. You should also understand that most funeral homes don’t list these prices on their official websites. Call a few homes to obtain quotes before making any decision.

On your call, request them to email a general list containing all the prices. You may also want to consider doing the same with a West Chester headstone company. Learning the prices early will enable you to work with companies that meet your needs. It’s how you get value for your money.

Carefully Consider the Funeral Services
You may not know this, but funeral home costs are mainly priced according to the number of hours the service will take. For instance, you’ll incur additional charges for overtime and weekend burials.

If possible, consider adjusting the funeral schedule to enable you to avoid some of these expenses. Another way to reduce your costs involves holding a visitation before the burial. For this, you’ll get to reduce the number of hours or days set for viewing the body.

Ask yourself whether you’ll need a procession to the burial site. Another question will involve determining whether there are additional services that you may need while at the cemetery. Opting for grave-side only costs will allow you to reduce the overall expenses.

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Opt-Out of the Embalming Process
Embalming is a process where the funeral home adds chemicals to the dead body to slow down the decomposition process. Though popular, the process isn’t always necessary. Opting out of it will allow you to save several hundreds of dollars. It also enables you to reduce the amounts of formaldehyde released into the surroundings. The presence of chemicals on a body can negatively impact the immediate surroundings.

Scale Back on the Funeral Products
Funeral products are wide-ranging and include cremation urns, burial vaults, and caskets. Fortunately, these products are available for sale online and offline. Knowing where to buy them will help you save thousands of dollars. 

In terms of scaling back, you have to ask yourself whether you need a burial vault. The reality is that you’ll always find cheaper alternatives if you commit to the search. If you opt for cremation, understand that you may have to buy an urn.

Some urns are purposely designed for scattering ashes. Consider buying a more permanent container if you and your family would like to display the ashes. You’ll note that there are many beautiful options in the market matching all price ranges.

Hold the Service at a Free Venue
If you must hold a service, consider holding it at a venue that won’t charge you. Please note that the funeral homes will typically charge you several hundreds of dollars to hold the service at their facility. They will charge extra to use their personnel.

On the other hand, there are many venues where you can hold the service at no cost to you. An excellent example would be your place of worship or a public area. You could have the service at your local park after acquiring the necessary permits, of course.

Choose Cremation Over Traditional Burial
Before opting for cremation, you should understand that this process isn’t for everyone. Only go for it if you and your family are comfortable with the entire process and if it fits in with your religious beliefs and family traditions.

Cremation is, in most cases, cheaper than your typical burial. It’s cheaper because you won’t have to pay for a burial plot, and you won’t need to pay for embalming unless you plan on holding a viewing ceremony.