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At Tidewater News, we believe in providing unbiased news to the masses. Our team understands the importance of remaining ahead of the curve here. Nothing is more important than timely, accurate news covering the things readers value most. If readers cannot trust our reporting abilities, then we’re not performing our duties properly. News never stops coming, and we’re prepared to report on events at all times of day. In doing so, we like to ensure readers never miss the information they need.

Teamwork Makes Tidewater News Succeed Each and Every Day

A dedicated team of reporters contributes to Tidewater News daily. We cover everything from local to regional and national to international news. However, readers shouldn’t assume we only cover breaking news. Our reporters cover lifestyle, business, health, and even real estate topics. Tidewater News strives to be a portal for readers to visit and immerse themselves in. Therefore, we cover as many topics as possible, and writers contribute to the topics their most experienced in or passionate about.

We Accept Guest Posts and Frequent Outside Contributors!

Aside from our core team of reporters, we accept guest posts from time to time as well. Our team believes it never hurts to add an outside voice to the mix. While our reporters excel at what they do, they cannot possibly cover every topic out there. These days, the audience for Tidewater News spans countless demographics and backgrounds. Millions of people read our content, and they all want to experience something slightly different. Guest posting helps us deliver on these expectations.

Guest Posting Works For Contributors; Guest Posting Works For Us

Unsurprisingly, Tidewater News engages in various tactics in order to draw in an audience. We depend upon quality content and organic search engine optimization. Everyone benefits when an authority writer posts content on our website. You end up with more exposure than before, and more eyes end up on our website. Without a doubt, a better win-win situation might not be available for either of us. Guest posting is one of the best solutions for growing an audience, both for yourself and our company.

How Did You Make It To This Website?

Chances are high that you already understand this beneficial relationship. Perhaps you specifically searched for a news outlet like us to guest post on. In fact, you could have searched various keywords and phrases that we’ve targeted to get here. It doesn’t matter how you reached Tidewater News, though. The simple fact remains you found us, and we wanted you to find us. We want more contributors on our website, but they have to meet certain guidelines because not everyone is a perfect match with us.

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Simple, Sensible Requirements For Guest Posting on Tidewater News

Tidewater News wants unique, well-written posts with proper spelling and grammar. We prefer long-style pieces with more than 1,000 words from our contributors. Of course, all potential articles must pass Copyscape, and we want the first run of an article. Try to cover newsworthy or trending topics and provide actionable tips. You’ll be surprised at how easy we are to work with when these guidelines are followed. Our editors reserve the right to make minor modifications to your submissions.

We’re Flexible With Your Content, Unlike Other Online Publications

We don’t expect you to post your quality content on our website and nothing else. Contributors are encouraged to throw a maximum of one self-promotional link into their articles. However, affiliate marketing links are prohibited from submissions. All claims must be backed up with links, and we encourage as many citations as necessary. Photos included with submissions must be high quality and measure 800 pixels wide. You’re more than welcome to post your submission elsewhere after publication.

Please Note: We require that such posts contain a reference back to Tidewater News as the original source of publication.

What Kind of Content Tends To Make It Onto Our Website From Contributors?

Tidewater News covers countless topics when it comes to guest posting. Since we cover a little bit of everything, your content probably has a home here. See a list of examples of content we love to publish below. If you’re uncertain about a given piece, don’t hesitate to run it by our editorial team. We’ll provide a quick response to let you know whether you’re on the right track or not. Not all of your submissions may make sense for Tidewater News, but we love to create long-term working relationships.

  • Legal Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Financial Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Insurance Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Real Estate Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Non-Profit Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Healthcare Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Tech Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Web Design & Development Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Digital Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • General Business Marketing Guest Post Articles

As you can see, we do accept articles across a very broad spectrum of industries. If you’re not sure whether or not your article is a match for our site, please feel free to reach out with a brief outline. Typically we’ll accept any relevant well written articles touching upon the above industries and popular sub-niches such as:

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • And much more…

A Growing Website With A Dedicated Reader Base

Luckily, Tidewater News continues to grow in monthly readership. A dedication to quality content ensures readers keep coming back to check out new content. This wouldn’t be possible without our core reporters and our outside contributors. Growing numbers means we’re constantly adding new content. As we continue to grow, we’d love to help your personal readership grow as well. Tidewater News doesn’t hire reporters too often. Contributors, nonetheless, will always be welcomed to our site.

How We Set Ourselves Apart From Other Online Publications

Other online publications tend to take guest posts without scrutinizing them. We don’t try to nitpick every grammar error or spelling mistake, though. Simply put, we believe a few checks and balances make for better guest posts. Another publication might not provide feedback or allow you to grow your own audience. Tidewater News would never want to hinder its contributors or disrespect them by not providing feedback. Nobody is perfect, and our reporters or editors would never claim they’re perfect either!

Are You Ready To Work With Tidewater News Today?

Contact us to get started on contributing guest posts to Tidewater News. We’re eager to display your unique take on the content that matters most to you. In the end, you’ll see your visibility online increase overnight. It’s a win-win situation that can pay dividends more times than once. Tidewater News is a growing publication, and we want our contributors to grow with us. Your first guest post or contribution could become a gateway to a long and fruitful relationship.