Hiring Your Miami Florist

Are you ready to start thinking about the flowers for your wedding? Flowers are utilized from the start of the ceremony through the end of the evening, so make sure you know exactly what you want and have considered all aspects before contacting florists for quotations.


1. The Season

If you know what type of flower you want, see if it’s in season. Check the florist’s calendar to find out what is in season so that you may save money.

2. Bouquet Style

Consider the look of your gown, bridesmaids, and ceremony style when selecting a floral arrangement. A cascading bouquet, for example, may be a better fit for a formal vow exchange at a church than a smaller, looser arrangement. Cascading hand-tied organic nosegays

3. Those who receive flowers

Make a note of the personal visitors you’d want to get flowers for, such as mothers, fathers, grandparents, flower girl or ring bearer, siblings, etc.

4. Wedding Ceremony

Discover information such as the access time, altar rules, pews/chairs, and fresh or silk petals.

5. Wedding Reception

Take into account things like the table shapes (round or banquet style), decorating restrictions, and loading and unloading instructions.

6. Wedding Center Pieces

In order to obtain a precise cost estimate, you should have a rough idea of how many centerpieces will be required. Save money by using the bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces instead.

7. Color Scheme

Note any colors you don’t want to see in your floral designs and primary hues and complementary hues. Do you prefer only a few colors or many complementary hues blended?

8. Theme

Is it a casual event, a formal/black-tie affair, a garden party, a rustic mountain gathering, a classic romance celebration, an ethnic event, or something completely different?

9. Miami Florist Credentials

Is your florist a full-time or part-time business? Investigate their educational background, years of expertise, portfolio, and accomplishments. You wouldn’t want someone who has a pleasant smile to remove your teeth; instead, you should choose a professional floral designer for your special event.

10. Flowers Budget

If you don’t have a precise answer, this is crucial. If the reply to “I don’t know” is “I don’t know,” you can put the florist in a guessing game. This may force you out of your comfort zone and reduce the quantity or quality of flowers required to make the estimate appear lower.