Akbar Shokouhi: A Trailblazer in Semiconductor Technology and Entrepreneurship

Akbar Shokouhi is an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and business advisor based in San Diego, CA.

Akbar Shokouhi has carved a significant niche for himself in the field of semiconductor technology. As a multifaceted entrepreneur and industry expert based in San Diego, California, his experience spans more than twenty years. Recognized for his proficiency in areas like ASIC and mixed-signal design, as well as his strategic direction in semiconductor technology, Shokouhi’s career encompasses a variety of high-level positions in renowned tech corporations. He has a proven track record of steering companies to success and spurring innovation within the sector. His career milestones are distinguished by his leadership at companies including QuantumThink Group, Cadence Design Systems, and Applied Micro Circuits Corporation.

Shokouhi’s entrepreneurial journey is evidenced by his role in founding several enterprises, notably QThink, which he led as President and CEO until its acquisition by Rapid Bridge. This move was followed by his key management role at Qualcomm, handling ASIC design post-acquisition. Shokouhi’s dedication to advancing technology extends beyond his operational roles, as he actively engages in venture capital initiatives and serves on various corporate advisory boards. His educational credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, which serves as the foundation of his technical and executive acumen.

Delving further into his career, Shokouhi’s initiatives as a founder did not cease with QThink. He continued to drive technological innovation by establishing Chronos Tech and Encore Semi Inc. His board positions, such as his chairmanship at IONTOX until July 2022, reflect his continuous influence on the industry’s trajectory. Akbar Shokouhi has consistently demonstrated leadership that has not only propelled his companies forward but has also made a lasting impact on the broader technology landscape. His story is one of continuous progression, marked by an unyielding commitment to innovation and excellence within the semiconductor space.

Early Career and Education

Before ascending to industry leadership, Akbar Shokouhi laid a solid foundation with rigorous education and pivotal roles in technology companies.

Electrical Engineering at Osmania University

  • Degree: Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering
  • Alma Mater: Osmania University
  • Highlight: Akbar Shokouhi established his technical groundwork through a comprehensive study in electrical engineering, focusing on the concepts and skills that would propel his future career in semiconductor technology.

Technical Leadership at Unisys Corporation

  • Position: Early career technical leader
  • Key Contribution: At Unisys Corporation, he developed his leadership qualities and gained a reputation for his technical prowess, laying the groundwork for his subsequent executive roles in the tech industry.

Founding of QThink

Akbar Shokouhi established QuantumThink Group, Inc. (QThink) in 1999, a company that swiftly became a benchmark in engineering design services under his leadership.

Role as President and CEO

As President and CEO of QThink, Shokouhi was at the forefront, driving the company’s vision and overseeing all aspects of operations. His leadership was instrumental in steering the company through the complexities of semiconductor design, leveraging his deep industry knowledge to deliver innovative solutions.

Impact on Engineering Design Services

QThink under Shokouhi’s guidance developed a reputation for excellence in Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and mixed-signal design services. The company delivered high-quality, cutting-edge design services to its clients, substantiating Shokouhi’s impact on the engineering design services sector.

Semiconductor Technology Expertise

Akbar Shokouhi’s contributions to semiconductor technology are rooted in his involvement with some of the industry’s leading companies where he has harnessed his intricate understanding of ASIC and mixed-signal design to drive technological advancements.

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation Contribution

At Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, Shokouhi was instrumental in propelling semiconductor technology forward. His engagement in the development of integrated circuits helped enhance the company’s product offerings and solidified its position in the semiconductor space.

ASIC Design Expertise at Cadence Design Systems

During his time at Cadence Design Systems, Shokouhi’s expertise in ASIC design was paramount. He took charge of complex projects, delivering designs that met the precise needs of the evolving market. His ability to navigate the intricacies of chip design has been recognized as a driving force behind Cadence’s success.

Leadership in Semiconductor Innovation at Qualcomm Inc.

In his role at Qualcomm Inc., Shokouhi demonstrated his leadership skills by managing the company’s ASIC design operations. His deep technical knowledge and business acumen contributed to Qualcomm’s innovative advancements in semiconductor technology, particularly after it acquired Rapid Bridge.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Akbar Shokouhi’s venture into entrepreneurship is exemplified through the establishment of multiple companies and his active role in their leadership.

Formation of Chronos Tech

Shokouhi founded Chronos Tech, leveraging his expertise in semiconductor technology and ASIC design. This venture demonstrated his continuous pursuit of innovation in the tech industry.

Creation of Encore Semi, Inc.

In his journey, Shokouhi also established Encore Semi, Inc., where he implemented strategic growth initiatives that capitalized on evolving market opportunities in the semiconductor sector.

Chairman of IONTOX

His leadership role extended to IONTOX, a biotechnology company, serving as Chairman of the Board. His tenure here lasted until July 2022, contributing to its development and strategic direction.

Venture Capital and Advisory Roles

Throughout his career, Akbar Shokouhi has balanced his operational roles with active participation in venture capital and advisory capacities. His keen insight into the technology sector and trend analysis has made him an asset in discerning investment opportunities and guiding the strategic direction of numerous startup companies.

Board Participation:

  • Utilized his industry experience by serving on the boards of directors for emerging tech companies, thereby influencing the development of innovative products and services in the semiconductor field.
  • Functioned as Chairman of the Board for IONTOX until July 2022, providing governance and leadership that steered the company towards its business objectives.

Strategic Advisor:

  • Acted as a business advisor for startups, applying his vast knowledge in ASIC, mixed-signal design, and semiconductor technology to mentor and accelerate their growth.
  • Dispensed strategic advice in technology and management that helped companies navigate the complex business landscapes of the highly competitive semiconductor industry.

Venture Investments:

  • Played a vital role as an investor, leveraging his expertise to evaluate and invest in companies with high growth potential and innovative business models.
  • Engaged with aspiring entrepreneurs, offering his guidance and investment acumen to help them conceptualize and materialize their technology ventures.

By integrating his hands-on experience with strategic investment practices, Akbar Shokouhi has contributed to the development and success of various technology-focused companies, emphasizing the importance of innovation and sound management in the venture capital space.

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