Lefrak City stands as a notable residential complex in the dynamic neighborhood of Corona, Queens. Spanning a considerable area, it features a blend of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, catering to a diverse community. Recent renovations have upgraded the living spaces, infusing modern amenities and enhancing the overall resident experience. The complex’s design integrates convenience, with its close proximity to shopping, dining, and transportation options highlighting its appeal to those seeking an urban lifestyle within the borough of Queens.

Beyond the comfort of the individual apartments, Lefrak City provides a variety of on-site facilities. Residents have access to a seasonal swimming pool, sports courts, and playgrounds, promoting an active and engaged community environment. The compound’s strategic location not only puts it at the heart of Queens’ cultural milieu with easy access to local attractions, but it also benefits from connectivity to broader New York City through nearby public transit systems.

The development’s history is interwoven with the urban evolution of Queens. Originally conceived with a vision for mass housing in the 1960s, Lefrak City has continually adapted to the changing demographics and needs of its residents. Today, it reflects a microcosm of New York City’s melting pot, playing a pivotal role in the residential tapestry of Corona and the adjacent Elmhurst area.


LeFrak City represents a significant urban development, originally conceived to offer modern living spaces to working- and middle-class families. Its establishment and growth are benchmarks of New York’s architectural and social evolution.

Foundation and Development

The LeFrak Organization, founded by Samuel J. LeFrak, initiated the construction of LeFrak City between 1962-1971. It was specifically designed for families seeking affordability without the need to reside in Manhattan. Situated in Queens, the development covered a substantial area, creating a comprehensive living environment.

Popular People in the LeFrak Development

Samuel J. LeFrak was the driving force behind LeFrak City, leveraging his real estate expertise to construct a community that catered to a diverse population seeking quality housing options within New York City. His vision set the tone for the development’s enduring presence in Queens.

Historical Milestones

LeFrak City’s historical significance is marked by several key events:

  • 1962-1971: Construction of LeFrak City, providing a vast number of residences in Queens.
  • 1954: Samuel LeFrak’s envisioning of the project, laying the groundwork for this pivotal development.

Throughout its existence, LeFrak City has been a cornerstone of the Queens community, adapting and thriving through the city’s many changes.


Lefrak City is undergoing significant upgrades to its infrastructure aimed at enhancing residents’ quality of life and sustainability.


Lefrak City’s architecture reflects a mid-20th-century design tailored for the middle-class demographic. Recent renovations underscore a commitment to modernizing the housing complex while maintaining its original character. Buildings are being equipped with enhanced structural supports and updated systems to ensure longevity and improve living conditions.

Parks and Recreation

Lefrak City boasts a variety of green spaces and recreation areas. Investments in landscaping and the creation of playgrounds provide residents with ample space for outdoor activities. Enhanced lighting and walkways contribute to the safety and accessibility of these recreational zones.

Transport Systems

The complex is serviced by a network of public transport options, including bus routes with stops within walking distance. In line with environmental goals, a recent project has introduced 150 electric vehicle charging stations, representing a push towards sustainable transportation within the community.


Lefrak City has a dynamic cultural landscape, reflecting its diverse population trends and cultural variety.

Population Trends

The development, consisting of 4,605 apartments, plays a significant role in the fabric of central Queens. Over time, Lefrak City has seen various shifts in its demographic makeup, with a notable example occurring in 2021, which outlined the following income distribution among households:

  • Less than $10,000: 1,630 households
  • $10,000 to $19,999: 2,512 households
  • $20,000 to $29,999: 2,801 households

Cultural Diversity

The cultural composition of Lefrak City is multifaceted, with residents that represent a range of ethnicities and backgrounds. Prominent within the community are:

  • Asian: 34.4%
  • White: 26.2%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 24.5%
  • Black: 7.0%
  • Two or more races: 3.7%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 2.1%
  • Some other race: 2.1%

Such diversity is evident in the variety of communal spaces, businesses, and cultural activities found within Lefrak City, making it a vibrant hub in Queens.


The economy of LeFrak City is underpinned by its local businesses and the employment they provide to residents. The area’s commercial base contributes to the socioeconomic vibrancy of the neighborhood.

Local Businesses

LeFrak City houses a diverse array of local businesses catering to the needs of its residents. These range from essential services like grocery stores and laundromats to a variety of eateries reflecting the multicultural makeup of the community.

  • Services: Grocers, Laundromats, Hair Salons
  • Dining: Pizzerias, Chinese Takeouts, Latin American Cuisine

LeFrak City’s commercial spaces are strategically located to serve the large population within the development and its vicinity, contributing to the local flow of commerce.


The presence of local businesses within LeFrak City presents employment opportunities for members of the community. These jobs range from retail positions to service-oriented roles.

  • Retail Jobs: Cashiers, Sales Associates, Store Managers
  • Service Jobs: Cooks, Cleaners, Salon Technicians

Overall, the local businesses in LeFrak City not only serve the community by providing goods and services but also play a significant role in the local economy by offering employment to its residents.


Lefrak City is served by a variety of educational facilities and community programs addressing the needs of its residents.


Lefrak City falls under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Education. The area is home to multiple public schooling options for residents. These schools serve a diverse student population and are an integral part of the community’s infrastructure.

  • Elementary Schools: The community has access to several elementary schools catering to early education.
  • Middle and High Schools: There are also numerous middle and high schools in the vicinity providing secondary education.

Community Programs

Lefrak City and its surrounding areas offer a range of educational community programs aimed at supplementing the formal education received in schools.

  • Educational Workshops: Programs that focus on skills development and lifelong learning are available.
  • Parent Involvement: Initiatives to engage parents in the educational process are encouraged, enhancing the support students receive at home.


Lefrak City provides residents with accessible healthcare services, including urgent care facilities and wellness initiatives, ensuring comprehensive health coverage within the community.

Medical Facilities

Lefrak City’s healthcare landscape is anchored by its urgent care centers that offer a range of medical services. One such facility is located just off the Long Island Expressway at the corner of 99th Street and 59th Avenue, offering vaccines, various tests, and specialized care. For immediate health concerns, Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care operates within Lefrak City, providing reliable medical assistance with options for online bookings. This facility is commended for its minimal wait times and efficiency. Furthermore, NYC Health + Hospitals provide additional health resources and home-based services across multiple boroughs, accessible to Lefrak City residents.

  • Facilities & Services Quick Look:
    • Urgent care services: Available beside Rite-Aid at the junction of 99th St & 59th Ave.
    • Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care: Offers video visits & accepts various insurance plans.
    • NYC Health + Hospitals: Provides a comprehensive network of services nearby.

Wellness Programs

The community prioritizes residents’ well-being through a variety of wellness programs. These programs focus on preventive care, health education, and lifestyle improvements to foster a health-conscious environment. Specific details on the available programs can be gathered from local healthcare providers, ensuring that residents are informed and engaged with available wellness opportunities.

  • Health and Wellness Initiatives:
    • Preventive care: Regular health screenings and education.
    • Health education: Information sessions on various wellness topics.
    • Lifestyle improvements: Programs designed to promote healthy habits and choices.

Public Safety

LeFrak City has prioritized residents’ safety through the implementation of advanced security measures and diligent safety protocols.

Law Enforcement

LeFrak City employs innovative security solutions, including the utilization of Rosie the Robot, a robotic security guard. Rosie patrols the complex, contributing to the safety and surveillance provided by human security personnel and enhancing the overall security presence in the area.

Fire Safety

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s A-TRU team operates at DEP headquarters within LeFrak City, ensuring fire safety and other critical safety elements are addressed. Their role includes the thorough technical review of abatement projects affecting egress, fire protection, and building safety, thus upholding high standards for residents’ wellbeing.


Lefrak City is a vibrant neighborhood enriched with varied cultural activities that reflect its diverse population. From regional festivals to artistic showcases, the area brims with events and entertainment opportunities.

Local Events

In Lefrak City, local events serve as the heartbeat of the community, bringing together residents from all walks of life to celebrate their shared heritage and diverse backgrounds. The neighborhood plays host to cultural festivals, which often include traditional music, dance, and a variety of authentic cuisines from the local eateries. Additionally, community gatherings and street fairs are commonplace, providing a space for social interaction and local talent displays.

Arts and Entertainment

Arts and entertainment in Lefrak City thrive with the contributions of local artists and performers. Art exhibitions and live performances are regularly held in community centers and public spaces. These venues often highlight the works of up-and-coming artists and serve as platforms for cultural expression through theater productionsmusic concerts, and dance recitals. The neighborhood’s creative scene reflects its multicultural identity, offering an array of experiences from classical to contemporary art forms.

Community Services

Lefrak City offers a comprehensive range of community services aimed at enhancing the quality of life of its residents. These services are directed towards social support, and community engagement through various organizations.

Social Services

Lefrak City is home to Elmcor Youth and Activities, a significant provider of human services in Queens. It serves a diverse clientele, including preschoolers, young adults, and seniors. The organization’s efforts focus on fostering development and providing vital assistance that ranges from educational programs to support services for the elderly.

Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer organizations within Lefrak City amplify the sense of community and support among residents. These entities play a crucial role, often evolving from modest groups to substantial contributors addressing communal needs. They facilitate an array of activities and initiatives designed to enrich every aspect of community life, from youth development to aiding seniors.

Urban Development

LeFrak City represents a significant undertaking in the field of urban development, offering a profound example of large-scale residential planning and construction in Queens, New York.

Recent Projects

LeFrak City has undergone various renovations to modernize its facilities and improve resident experiences. These enhancements include updates to building exteriors, security systems, and recreational spaces, ensuring the complex remains a competitive offering in New York’s real estate market.

  • Building Exteriors: Refurbishment focused on aesthetics and structural integrity.
  • Security Systems: Advanced technologies were introduced for increased safety.
  • Recreational Spaces: Upgrades ensure the provision of quality community amenities.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, LeFrak City is poised to maintain its relevance in urban living with plans for continued upgrades and community development initiatives. The focus is on sustainability and adapting to the evolving needs of its diverse populace.

  • Sustainability Efforts: Implementation of eco-friendly practices and infrastructure.
  • Community Initiatives: Programs to bolster community engagement and well-being.

Local Government

Within the domain of local governance, LeFrak City falls under the jurisdiction of Queens Community Board 4. The board’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of municipal services and local political decisions that directly impact everyday life in LeFrak City.

Political Structure

Queens Community Board 4 serves as the primary advisory body representing the interests of LeFrak City residents. The board plays a crucial role in local governance by being the front line of communication between the community and the New York City government. The board’s influence includes, but is not limited to, zoning, land use, and the allocation of city services.

Municipal Services

The community relies on Queens Community Board 4 for the oversight and coordination of vital city services. These services include:

  • Sanitation: Regular waste collection and recycling programs.
  • Public Safety: Coordination with NYPD for police protection and community safety initiatives.
  • Infrastructure: Maintenance of roads, parks, and public spaces.
  • Health & Education: Addressing community needs related to public health services and educational facilities.

LeFrak City’s municipal services are administered to ensure the well-being and orderly functioning of the community, with consideration for its unique demographic and geographic context.

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