Physical therapist needles patients to relieve their suffering

Kevin Schrack knows a way to get under people’s skin that actually has them feeling better about themselves. That’s because he’s trained and certified in ... Read more | Add your comment

Simply Divine closes its kitchen

Simply Divine closed its doors this past weekend with no advance warning. Regular customers who would come by Saturday for breakfast or lunch discovered the ... Read more | Add your comment

Hospital now offering detox program

Tommy Moore, the owner of Self-Recovery LLC, has spent 19 years without a drink, and he wants to make sure Western Tidewater residents have the ... Read more | Add your comment

LOVE is coming back to town

The Virginia Tourism Corporation will bring an oversized LOVE artwork to the Franklin-Southampton County Fair on Wednesday, Aug. 13, as part of a state and ... Read more | Add your comment

Feridies in deal to be featured in overseas catalog

Ferides, the renowned Courtland-based company that produces gourmet Virginia peanuts and peanut products, has made a deal with Cotswold Fayre. Read more | Add your comment

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