Asphy Turner died at 92 years of age on October 10 in 2012 at the Courtland Convalescent Center in Boykins.

The convalescent home has seen its share of tragedy, and this is another beloved person who has passed on. Life is definitely bittersweet, and people of a certain age know this more than others. There is no doubt that Asphy and others who live in this convalescent home see that time does wind down, which is heartbreaking.

Asphy was an outstanding citizen and person. The people who knew him best would be able to share more details, such as his son Asphy Sidney and his daughter Joyce Turner Lewis. His son lives in Midlothian, and his daughter moved to Charlottesville. Both children were living their lives probably not thinking about their dad departing.


Most people try to put those kinds of thoughts out of their minds because it allows a person to live peacefully, which is probably what Asphy’s kids did. This is probably why the news of their father’s death shocked them. 2012 will no longer be just any year for this family because it is the year their father passed.

Asphy was the kind of person who held on to his beliefs, which is something his children knew well. This is the reason a funeral at the Pleasant Plain Baptist Church was planned. The church is located in the little town of Drewryville, which is well-known to the locals. The church is definitely a beloved place of worship in the community and a great place for a faithful Christian to be given his last goodbye.

The services took place on Monday October 15 at 12 p.m. where the preacher is going to be given a chance to talk about faith and the afterlife. At this funeral, all loved ones will be giving Mr. Turner the respect he deserves. There is no doubt that Asphy would have approved of the way his funeral was handled. Surely, he also would have been happy to see how many people showed up to his funeral.

Of course, the burial is also going to be taking place in the church’s cemetery where many other bodies are resting. Asphy would have been happy to know that he was going to be buried next to many other people who shared his treasured belief in the church and in the Christian God.


His two children have gone on to live productive lives, thanks to him. He worked and paved the way for his children to be successful, which is what gave them the opportunity to go where they wanted to go. These kids have seen and experienced much more than Asphy could have ever imagined. It may be a shame that he will longer be able to see what his children continue to do in this life, but he got to see a lot, which some would consider a blessing.

His children are going to be attending the funeral and will be with others who remember Asphy for who he was. These memories will help Asphy continue to live even after the funeral because memories have a way of keeping people alive. There is no doubt that Joyce and Asphy Sidney will have a lot to talk and reminisce about during and after the funeral. These kids will have a lot to laugh about, cry about, and learn about their father as they continue to talk about him and remember him year after year.

It is a tragedy that Asphy passed, but it is also a miracle that he was here for as long as he was because living to 92 years of age is incredible.

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