TestClear is a trusted provider of high-quality synthetic urine. Its products are designed to meet the needs of those who require drug testing, including athletes, military personnel, and law enforcement officers. TestClear’s products are reviewed as being highly effective and are said to be one of the best online.

Using TestClear To Pass a Drug Test

Following a court hearing or to safeguard public safety on a job site, drug tests are administered. The last thing you want is for a pee test to get you fired, send you back to court, or keep you from getting parole. All the humiliations and emotional suffering that go along with these circumstances are not worth it. However, using a test to get around medical screenings or a drug test for recent drug usage when performing safety-sensitive duties where a falsified tox screen might cause harm is not advisable. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT agency) has harsh consequences for being intoxicated while working, including the possibility of losing your commercial driver’s license.

We must emphasize that, although job-related or legal consequences aren’t the only reasons you shouldn’t utilize drugs that may affect your judgment or performance while performing safety-sensitive tasks, they are one of them. When you’re high, your response time is reduced, and this can have extremely negative effects, such as causing deadly accidents when driving or operating machinery. This is true whether the substance is legal or not.

THC, for example, is now legal in several states, yet it causes serious impairment in judgment, motor skills, and reaction time. THC is the most prevalent chemical present in drivers involved in severe accidents, including fatal ones. We must insist that you don’t perform safety-sensitive duties while under the influence of even legal THC or other chemicals because our tests are not designed to hide drug use of this sort.

Here are some pointers for using our powdered urine kit correctly:

  • Always call or email ahead of time if there are any queries in case anything goes wrong. Don’t wing it, ask.
  • You must verify that the urine temperature is between 90F and 100F/32C and 37C before conducting the urine test simulation. Any sample outside of that range might result in an invalid experiment, unintended laboratory findings, or anomalies.
  • We recommend that you begin with room temperature water rather than hot or warm water because the heater we include will bring the water to the appropriate temperature range on its own. Unless you want to reach the desired temperature faster, use only one heating device.
  • If the temperature strip remains blank, it’s not broken. The urine is either too cold or too hot. The temperature strip is an extremely precise, reusable, and high-quality component of the kit.
  • If the urine is too chilly, be patient and wait for the heater to warm it up. If the pee is excessively hot, remove the cap and heater, then blow on it until it cools down.
  • Warm up the water ahead of time. Take the tube out and submerge it in hot water, cooling it down to above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Blow softly on the liquid until you see the rainbow temperature gauge go into the 90- to 99-degree range. This permits you to view the rainbow indication on the temperature strip while also allowing you to gain expertise in lowering the temperature, just in case it gets above 100 degrees.
  • If the temperature strip reads the heater, not the water, place it as close to the heater as possible without obstructing or covering any elements. Use rubber bands or sticky tape for a tight fit between the heater and tube.
  • The heater should not be removed from the tube until the urine cools. If the temperature is too high, wait a few minutes before removing it.
  • Don’t be hasty. These heaters are single-use, so make sure you know when your 10-panel drug test is scheduled before making the kit.
  • If your experiment needs more than 50 milliliters, bring a tiny vial of water with you to dilute the sample.
  • Here’s how to conceal it after the pee is finished: Women may conceal the tube by wearing a bra or adapting to men’s usual practice of wearing two pairs of briefs or tight underwear and slipping the tube between them. If you keep the temperature in check for around 30 minutes,
  • The temperature will automatically be adjusted based on the season. At the time of purchase, you may select between two types of heaters: air- and ground-based. Heaters are highly suggested if the examination is delayed.
  • The Pure Freedom is a digital thermometer that comes with the kit. It’s also possible to purchase one separately. Some people find it useful for providing a wider temperature reading than the strip can provide. This is an excellent choice for first-time users wanting to keep their drug use a secret.
  • When you have extra vials (either 50 ml or 15 ml), it’s convenient to have them on hand. You only need drops in order to carry out your study, but additional volume is useful when trying to impress the audience or send a powerful message. You may dilute the powdered urine we provided with 50% more water (25 ml), without any negative consequences.

How Does TestClear Work?

TestClear products are all-natural and have been designed to keep you safe while helping you pass your drug test. TestClear is a globally recognized leader in drug testing solutions, having been in operation for more than 23 years. TestClear only sells verified products to assist clients pass drug tests around the world. The brand provides a wealth of drug testing information, including tutorials, consumer feedback, and guidance on what to anticipate during your test. Drug testing services are available in many places, and their website is a great place to start if you’ve never been tested before and don’t know what to anticipate. California residents can get their hands on the best weed products from a wide variety of dispensaries and delivery services. Patients in need of cannabis, both those who are looking for it for the first time, as well as those seeking to treat chronic medical issues, can benefit greatly from our dispensary’s top-notch customer care staff.

TestClear Powdered Urine Kit

The Plastic Vial with the Temperature Strip, Synthetic Urine Powder, and Instruction Sheet that comes with the Powdered Urine Kit is shown below. It also includes a pair of adhesive warmers that are used to heat the sample to body temperature. The plastic vial is about four inches long and an inch in diameter, with a tapered base and a screw-on plastic top. The powdered urine vial is tiny — about two inches long and half an inch in diameter. We appreciate that the synthetic urine powder is dispensed in a vial rather than a packet, making it simple to fill the specimen vial without creating any mess.

TestClear’s Urine Kit Includes

  • one powdered urine vial(not fake piss, this is actual urine)
  • one 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with a blue lid
  • one temperature strip attached to the 50-ml vial
  • two air-activated heaters enclosed in a plastic package


As you can see, TestClear’s urine kit is quite simple and straightforward. It contains everything you need to transport your sample, including a vial of powdered urine and two air-activated heaters. We appreciate the fact that the company provides actual urine powder, rather than fake piss, as this makes it much easier to fill the vial and transport your sample. The temperature strip is also a nice touch, as it ensures that your sample will be the correct temperature when it arrives at the lab. Overall, we think this is a great option for those who need to provide a urine sample for testing purposes.

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