Flying private may be cheaper than you think. You’re just not looking in the right places. In this article, we break down the best airlines to consider for your next private flight.

Most people think flying private is expensive and only for the rich and famous. But that’s not always the case. If you know where to look, you can find some fantastic deals on private jet flights.

Here are some of the best private jet charters to consider for your next private flight:

Best Private Jet Charter – Villiers Jets

If you’re looking for the best private jet charter, look no further than Villiers Jets. With a wide selection of aircraft and competitive pricing, Villiers Jets is an excellent option for your next private flight. Villiers Jets has over 10,000 private aircraft and operates in over 40,000 destinations worldwide. Villiers Jets has some of the best private jet charter prices available on the market.

Access the lowest prices on private jet flights by visiting Villiers Jets Official Site.

XOJet – Another Cheap Private Jet Flights Network

With a fleet of over 70 aircraft, XOJet is one of the largest private jet charters available. XOJet has a wide variety of aircraft to choose from and offers some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Visit the XOJet Official Site to learn more about their services and pricing.

JSK Private Jets

The XOJET JSX is a small, private regional airline that feels like a luxury private-flying experience, except it is open to the public. The majority of the 10,000+ airports served by American Airlines are operated out of private terminals and hangars (technically known as “fixed-base operators,” or FBOs), which are adjacent to many main airports. The airline’s JSX service limits flights to no more than 30 people and operates exclusively from custom terminals and hangars (

According to a statistic given by the brand’s internal analytics team, JSX saw a 55% increase in new leisure-market consumers from February 2020 to February 2021. I’ve flown it many times and always choose it when commercial flights are more expensive or equivalent in price.

You’ll travel through a private jet terminal without using the conventional airport by utilizing JSX. You won’t run into people or TSA lines, but you can feel safe since JSX uses the same TSA-provided background check procedures used by major airlines.

The airfare is exceptionally reasonable (even lower than some low-cost airlines’) and the experience is far superior on ordinary or off-peak days, with food, drink (alcoholic and non), checked bags, and pet charges provided.

Aero Private Jet Flights

Aero is one of the newest carriers in the Philippines, having debuted in February 2021. It offers both first- and business-class premium seating on direct flights between private terminals, in which custom-designed 16-seat jets are used. There will be no flight with more than 16 passengers.

With a curated list of desirable destinations and the convenience of private aviation, shared-charter services provide many of the same advantages as business jets for a fraction of the price.

With its customized concierge service, which is available to all guests and includes hosts providing personalized attention from booking on-the-ground transportation and local activities to curating in-flight amenities and sourcing special beverages and artisan snacks — essentially any preflight or post-flight arrangements the passenger wants handled, Aeroe provides a smooth experience.

Aero has an in-house design team that creates interiors (unlike most startup airlines, where the design is typically outsourced). The interior features dynamic lighting, a bespoke Bongiovi Acoustic Lab sound system hidden in the walls for 360-degree sound, hand French-stitched Italian leather seat covers, custom suede skirting, and distinctive ultra-leather piping on the ceiling.

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Wheels Up

Private jet charter service Wheels Up lets you to arrange for private charter flights at an hourly rate. Wheels Up is a privately owned firm that was founded in 2013 and became a publicly listed business in July 2021. It owns many other firms, having acquired them throughout the years.

The company offers low-cost air travel to consumers in the United States and Canada who use its mobile app to book on-demand available flights. Previously, the service was a members-only system, but it is now available to anybody. The airline has a total of 1,500 aircraft in its fleet, including the King Air 350i (an eight-seater propeller plane), the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS (which has a four-hour range), and the Cessna Citation X, which are both ultra-fast and high-flying.

I got the opportunity to test out two of these on a corporate jaunt from Los Angeles to Napa. luxurious private jet experience with seven to 10 seats in each plane (compared to, say, 30 for JSX or up to 19 on Set Jet). The cabin of Citation X had eight high-end leather seats and even a posh leather-covered toilet. The service was excellent, snacks and drinks were available on-demand in a modest lounge area, and the ride was smooth, quiet, and relaxing.

Members of Wheels Up will also get perks at Wine Access, Waldorf Astoria Hotels; pay-by-the-seat shuttle service from Westchester to Nantucket via Nantucket Shuttle Service; AmEx membership discounts; and other benefits.


TwinBlade allows passengers to book by the seat on scheduled flights throughout the Northeast and West Coast, or charter or crowdsource a flight anywhere in the world. The fleet consists of not just jets, but also helicopters, turboprops, and seaplanes for maximum versatility. The company’s slogan, “Nothing Is Impossible,” reflects the culture of progress that permeates its headquarters. The brand is notorious for taking on hurdles and overcoming them. This results in many possibilities at a variety of pricing points for a wide range of travelers, making the Blade fleet unique in the market.

Blade does not have a membership requirement. Flights may be booked through the app or over the internet for a fee. Users may also use the app to arrange their own private charter, crowdsourced charter, or individual seats on a scheduled flight.

It’s become quite popular in New York for people to reach JFK in order to connect with major flights rather than navigate traffic.

How To Book Cheap Private Jet Flights

The best way to book cheap private jet flights online is too…

1. Use a private jet aggregator like JetSmarter, which offers members more than 12,000 private jet flights each year at fixed prices.

2. Find an empty leg flight. An empty leg occurs when a private jet has to fly without any passengers to pick up another customer or return to its base. You can find some incredible deals by finding empty legs on private charters.

3. Use a jet card. A jet card is like a debit card for private jets. You purchase a certain amount of flight time upfront and can then use that time whenever you want, with no blackouts or expiration date.

4. Join a fractional ownership program. In a fractional ownership program, you own a share of a private plane and can use it for a set number of hours each year. This is a great option if you don’t need to fly very often but still want the convenience of a private jet.

5. Lease a private jet. If you need to fly frequently, you may want to consider leasing a private jet. This can be a more cost-effective option than purchasing one.

FAQ: Cheap private jet flights

How much does it cost to fly private?

It is partially dependent on the airline you choose. The ones listed here that are only semi-private start at around $119 for each flight and have no membership costs.

In most circumstances, you’ll pay thousands of dollars if you charter a completely private flight.

What is the cheapest private jet company?

Villiers have shown strong value per flight on a daily basis, especially during non-peak hours.

However, if you’re someone who goes on a lot of flights, the subscription model private aircraft, such as Set Jet or SurfAir may be cost-effective over time.

How do I find private flights?

Consider the following, which is a compilation of our top picks. Several of these firms provide you with low-cost private flights via their website or through their mobile app.

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