It’s annoying when your dog won’t listen to your instructions, and it can be hazardous. After all, this sort of communication might assist you to keep your dog out of trouble by preventing him from running out into a crowded street or eating something he shouldn’t. It may also assist you in maintaining your sanity by helping you manage problem behaviors.

But figuring out where to begin isn’t always straightforward. So, where should you begin if your dog doesn’t obey in particular situations or all of the time? Here are a few issues you may be having.

Remove Built-up Energy

When talking to a hyper child, you know how distracting energy can be. It’s no different with dogs. When your dog is ready to go, his full attention is on unleashing all that pent-up energy inside him, and he’ll have a hard time listening to you.

Remember to start with the first exercise, discipline, and then affection. A daily walk that really drains your dog’s energy will go a long way. We recommend trying a product such as the Cesar Millan Dog Collar to give your pup a free and safe place to run. This will help him focus on the commands and discipline you want him to learn. Check out all of the best wireless fence products online.

Misbehavior or Hostility

Another possible issue is that your dog may be trying to let you know he doesn’t like something or misbehaves out of spite. This could be because he’s not used to having so much attention from you, making him uncomfortable. Sometimes using a training collar can help.

Stay Consistent

If your dog receives conflicting messages about his conduct, he will be unable to comprehend what you want from him. It’s also true if various family members have different standards. Sit down as a family and devise the rules, boundaries, and limits you want to impose on your dog. It may be beneficial to have them written down and displayed somewhere noticeable.

Remember The Basics

Is your dog really familiar with the command? Some dogs require hundreds or even thousands of repetitions to master a new ability. Perfection is achieved through practice. You may need to focus on training again to verify that your dog has mastered the skill.

Learn to Control Your Energy

Dogs pay attention to their pack leaders. Thus you must project calm-assertive energy if you want to lead them. If you shout at your dog or issue a command in a panic, he’ll tune you out. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of the energy we emit. Have a friend observe your actions and give you feedback — or even film it so you can see for yourself. This is important to show your dog you are in control.

Don’t Depend on Verbal Instructions

Although dogs don’t talk to one another, they communicate using energy and body language. As a result, it’s not surprising that they have trouble comprehending our spoken instructions when they’re constantly subjected to our god-awful talking all day.

Even if they understand a command, they may connect it more with a non-verbal cue you provide simultaneously — something you might not even be aware of.

Consider what may have changed about your physical presence if your dog is paying attention to you. Are you holding a baby? Is there anything unusual about where you’re sitting? Are you looking away from the camera? If your dog is listening to you, look for changes in your physical appearance. Consider whether anything has altered your bodily appearance.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog’s Emotions.

Your dog may be preoccupied with several sentiments if he or she is pent-up with energy. If you’re attempting to train her to come when a neighbor’s dog approaches, your dog could be so absorbed in defending her turf that she ignores you. Alternatively, she may be so afraid of the sound of thunder and lightning that there’s little mental space to hear your command to go into her crate. You must first address the underlying problem before you can expect your dog to listen to you truly.


If you continue to have difficulties, consider consulting with a professional. Communication between you and your pet is essential for both of you and is well worth the time and effort.