From playing a ruthless Hollywood agent to a charming department store owner, Jeremy Piven has showcased his versatility and talent in film and television. His wide range of roles has made him a household name, and his forays into podcasting and stand-up comedy have only added to his appeal. In this blog post, we will delve into Piven’s life, career, and accomplishments and take a closer look at his recent projects and upcoming ventures.

Who is Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven was born on July 26, 1965, in New York, USA, into a creative family with parents Byrne Piven and Joyce Hiller Piven, who were both involved in acting and drama teaching. His early immersion in theatrical arts laid the foundation for his acting career, leading to collaborations with renowned actors such as John Cusack, Richard Dreyfuss, and Eric Roberts. After attending Evanston Township High School, Piven pursued his passion for acting at Drake University and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, further honing his craft at the renowned Actors Studio Drama School.

Piven’s breakthrough role came in 1992 with his portrayal of a neurotic comedy writer on “The Larry Sanders Show.” However, his performance as the fast-talking Ari Gold in the critically acclaimed television series Entourage catapulted him to stardom and earned him three Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor. Currently, Piven engages audiences with his wide array of roles in film and television and has expanded his repertoire with ventures into podcasting and stand-up comedy.

Jeremy Piven Movies and TV Shows


Jeremy Piven has made numerous on-screen appearances, showcasing his adeptness at embodying various roles in films and television shows. Some of his notable works include:

  • “Judgment Night”
  • “Grosse Pointe Blank”
  • “Old School”
  • “Ellen”
  • “The Larry Sanders Show”
  • “Cupid”

Piven’s versatility and talent have made him a sought-after actor in Hollywood.

Breakthrough Role: Entourage

His role as the quick-witted agent Ari Gold in the HBO series Entourage earned Piven:

  • critical acclaim
  • a dedicated fan base The show, which premiered in 2003, chronicled the daily life of a burgeoning Hollywood star and his dedicated entourage. Piven’s performance in the role not only provided a distinct energy and humor to the series but also garnered him:
  • three Emmy Awards
  • a Golden Globe Award
  • a Satellite Award

Despite Entourage concluding in 2011, Piven’s memorable performance as Ari Gold continues to be a career highlight and proof of his acting skills. With rumors of an Entourage reboot constantly swirling, fans eagerly await the possibility of seeing Piven reprise his role as the ambitious and ruthless agent.

Film Career Highlights

Beyond his remarkable role in Entourage, Jeremy Piven has left a significant imprint on the film industry. In the romantic comedy “Serendipity” (2001), Piven played Dean Kansky, a humorous and encouraging companion to John Cusack’s character. In the action-packed “Smokin’ Aces” (2006), Piven took on the role of Buddy ‘Aces’ Israel, a Las Vegas magician turned mob informant.

Another memorable role for Piven was his portrayal of Don Ready in the comedy “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” (2009). As a used car salesman with unorthodox sales techniques, Piven showcased his comedic aptitude and ability to captivate audiences in more whimsical roles. These standout performances, along with numerous others, have solidified Piven’s status as a versatile and accomplished actor in Hollywood.

Television Roles Beyond Entourage

Beyond his iconic role in Entourage, Piven’s television career also includes significant appearances in series like “Mr. Selfridge” and “Wisdom of the Crowd.”

Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge

In “Mr. Selfridge” (2013-2016), Piven took on the title role of Harry Selfridge, the American retail magnate who founded the famous London department store Selfridge. The period drama showcased Piven’s ability to embody diverse characters while captivating audiences with compelling storytelling.

Wisdom of the Crowd

In the more recent drama series “Wisdom of the Crowd” (2017), Piven played a tech innovator who develops a crowdsourcing app to investigate his daughter’s murder and revolutionize crime-solving. Although the show was short-lived, it demonstrated Piven’s continued commitment to exploring new and challenging roles on television.

Recent Projects and Upcoming Films

Jeremy Piven’s recent projects include:

  • His role in the television series “Wisdom of the Crowd”
  • The film “American Night”
  • Upcoming films such as “The Walk,” “The System,” “Vindicta,” and “The Performance Film” set to be released on October 28th, 2023.

The Walk (2022)

In the upcoming mystery/horror film “The Walk” (2022), Jeremy Piven leads as a Boston Irish cop tasked with protecting high school students while they are being bused into an all-white neighborhood in 1974. As Piven’s character grapples with social pressure and bigotry, the film delves into themes of justice, race, and personal struggle, showcasing Piven’s ability to portray complex and thought-provoking roles.

The System (2022)

“The System” (2022) is another upcoming film featuring Jeremy Piven, in which a young soldier is involuntarily recruited by the authorities to go undercover in a perilous prison after being apprehended in a drug bust. The film explores themes of justice, loyalty, and morality, as Piven’s character navigates the treacherous world of prison politics and corruption.

Vindicta (2023)

Jeremy Piven stars in the thriller “Vindicta” (2023), following a detective and a paramedic as they collaborate to apprehend a serial killer by unveiling their troubled histories. As the two protagonists combine forces to discover the murderer’s identity and put an end to the carnage, the film explores a range of themes, including justice, redemption, and the power of the past.

The Performance (2023)

“The Performance Film” (coming Oct 28th 2023) is an upcoming feature starring Jeremy Piven as a London gangster with a violent and ambitious nature, who seeks refuge in the home of a reclusive rock star.

Set to be released on October 28th, 2023, this intriguing film promises to be another noteworthy addition to Piven’s diverse body of work.

Jeremy Piven’s Podcast and Comedy Show

Expanding beyond his acting career, Jeremy Piven has branched out into podcasting and stand-up comedy, further demonstrating his versatility and talent. Piven’s podcast “How U Livin J Piven” features interviews with entertainment and business personalities, while his comedy tour has received positive reviews from both fans and critics alike.

How U Livin J Piven

“How U Livin J Piven,” Jeremy Piven’s podcast, provides listeners with:

  • Engaging discussions
  • Glimpses into the lives of well-known personalities from Hollywood and the business world
  • In-depth discussions about life and comedy with his guests
  • Special guests like Jamie Foxx and Rex Lee.

With his unique perspective and experience as an executive producer in the entertainment industry, Jeremy Piven is able to make the podcast a must-listen for those interested in learning more about the fascinating personalities behind the spotlight, including the likes of Joe Lapchick.

Jeremy Piven’s Comedy Tour

Audiences have warmly received Jeremy Piven’s stand-up comedy tour, enjoying his unique blend of humor and storytelling. Piven’s comedic style has been well-received by fans and critics alike, with performances in cities such as:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas

As Jeremy Piven continues to explore this new avenue of entertainment, his comedy series, with the involvement of Paul Spericki, is a testament to his dynamic abilities as a performer.


From his breakthrough role in Entourage to his diverse filmography and ventures into podcasting and stand-up comedy, Jeremy Piven has proven himself as a versatile and talented actor. His ability to bring depth and nuance to a wide range of characters, as well as captivate audiences with his engaging storytelling, has solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

As we look forward to Piven’s upcoming film projects and continue to enjoy his podcast and comedy shows, it’s clear that his passion for the arts and commitment to his craft will keep him at the forefront of our screens, stages, and headphones for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jeremy Piven known for?

Jeremy Piven is an acclaimed actor, comedian, and podcast host best known for his iconic role as Ari Gold in Entourage, earning him two Golden Globes and three Emmy Awards.

Has Jeremy Piven won any awards for his acting?

Jeremy Piven has won three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a Satellite Award for his performance in Entourage, demonstrating his outstanding acting ability.

What are some of Jeremy Piven’s most notable films?

Jeremy Piven is known for his roles in films like Serendipity, Smokin’ Aces, and The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard.

What is the premise of Jeremy Piven’s podcast, “How U Livin J Piven”?

Jeremy Piven’s podcast, “How U Livin J Piven”, features conversations with leading figures from the entertainment and business industries, delving into life and comedy topics.

Who started the Piven Theatre Workshop?

The Piven Theatre Workshop is located in Evanston, Illinois, and was founded by Joyce and Byrne Piven. For over 30 years, it has existed both as a professional theatre company and a training center for children and adults.

How many Primetime Emmy Awards has Jeremy Piven Won?

Jeremy Piven has won three Primetime Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a Satellite Award for his role in Entourage.