Hydroviv is a water-purification company that improves the quality of shower, sink, and refrigerator pipes. The firm’s unique filtration process eliminates chemicals that may cause sickness and skin damage in contaminated water.

What is Hydroviv?

While everyone needs clean water, problems such as old pipes, a poor supply, or pollutants in city water can prevent them from utilizing it when they are not aware of the issue. While all people have the right to pure water, issues such as antiquated infrastructure and a malfunctioning tap might prevent them from accessing it. Consumers are more inclined to stick.

Unfortunately, these goods are intended to work for everyone, despite each customer’s experience being unique. As a result of the incident, Hydroviv has provided a one-of-a-kind chance. They’ve made it possible for anyone to get clean water, even if they don’t have access to running water.

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Hydroviv’s water filters aid customers in improving their water without much effort. Almost every product from this company comes with a few easy steps for installation, and they’ve already won awards for their performance. The brand was created due to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

With the difficulties of inhabitants in this region, Hydroviv determined that the typical filters for customers would not work since the high lead levels would be beyond their capabilities.

After that, Hydroviv was created to develop lead removal filters with enough granularity to clean the water. The firm delivered many filters to the region and remained in contact with other initiatives in Flint. They have not required locals to pay anything yet for their clean water needs.

The company is currently working on expanding its product availability across the country, considering its consumers’ demands. Every system allows them to pull water quality data from all over the country, bringing them back to their facility in Washington, DC with the cartridge installed.

Ozone is also utilized to purify drinking water. The staff of experts safeguards the health of their clients’ water, and new cartridges are provided for free whenever filters need to be replaced. Their entire team comprises scientists, and this data ensures that consumers are continuously offered a filtering system that meets their unique demands.

The Hydroviv brand currently includes the following products: Sink filters ($179.99), Shower filters ($84.99), Refrigerator Line Filters ($179.99)

One of the most noteworthy advantages is that each system helps to improve a person’s natural water supply, whether it be from their city or their sources. There’s no need for anything else to be installed, and users can simply turn on the tap for the healthiest and cleanest water imaginable. All of the systems are easy to install and come.


Under Sink Filters

The Under Sink filters are designed to fit any sink and may be installed beneath the countertop to the present faucet. There is no risk of the user’s current plumbing being damaged by the screw-on connections, and they are even suitable for garbage disposals.


Shower Filters

The shower filters attach to the pipe that feeds water into the showerhead and filter it as soon as it enters. This gadget may be utilized on any showerhead, and users only have to replace the cartridge every 6-9 months.

Refrigerator Line Filters

The Refrigerator Line water filters are designed to assist users in obtaining clean water when they obtain water or make ice from their device’s built-in systems. The fridge connects to plastic and braided stainless steel drinking lines, which only necessitate ¼-inch compression connections.

Hydroviv Frequently Asked Questions

What contaminants can the Hydroviv filters eliminate?

The majority of filtration comes from consumers’ customization with their purchases. The filters are tailored to the user’s location. They can usually reduce poisonous compounds like mercury, arsenic, chromium 6, chlorine, pesticides, lead, and various other chemicals.

What is the process of installing the filters?

It’s not difficult at all. Each connection is made with screw-on connections that are simple to use. Users won’t have to switch out their power drill or modify their current plumbing beyond this addition.

What type of customization is available?

Water quality is determined by the company’s scientists, who study the water quality in the customer’s region to determine the present contaminants they are confronted with based on their shipping address. The necessity to eliminate those pollutants dictates the design of the filter. People who rely on a well (instead of a city water supply) will consult USGS’ groundwater database.

Will using Hydroviv filters eliminate pollutants that could not be filtered via reverse osmosis?

No. There are numerous types of filtration systems, including one that eliminates noxious chemicals. Reverse osmosis may be utilized for household filtering, but a professional must handle this duty.

Is the Hydroviv filter NSF Certified?

Yes, they are. These filters have been tested and certified to two different standards: Standard 42 and Standard 53. Customers may get information about the filter they receive by contacting the customer care staff.

Why doesn’t Hydroviv explain to customers how much of the pollutants they can get rid of?

A blanket list is a guide that includes items from multiple categories. The problem with these lists is that they might mislead customers and are frequently used to sell goods without much additional explanation. Hydroviv’s filters are tailored to the user’s particular region to ensure that people can get pure water whenever and wherever they need it.

Is it possible to have Hydroviv install your system?

It’s not something the firm does. The process is simple to set up, and anyone can do it. Taskrabbit, for example, may assist consumers who require a little assistance in setting up their websites if necessary. It should only take around 5 minutes from start to finish.

How much maintenance are users required to keep up with the Hydroviv filters?

There isn’t much to it. When the cartridge is replaced, simply clean it with dish soap. To ensure that the aerator does not contaminate the recently cleansed water, the user should clean their faucet from time to time.

How long do Hydroviv cartridges last?

The average lifespan of all filters is around six months. However, it will vary depending on how much usage it receives.


Hydroviv provides consumers with various filtration choices, but it also makes a significant effort to assist individuals in the Flint area in regaining access to clean water. The filter is tailored to each user, and people will be able to enhance their bodies by simply drinking better water and using better water for their skin. In addition, since