Published 9:47am Wednesday, June 26, 2013


JAMES S. SHERRILL SR., 38, capias

AMANDA L. ELEY, 33, 2 counts of obtain money by false pretense, 2 counts of felony bad checks

SANCHEZ M. ARTIS, 26, trespassing

JASMINE D. JACKSON, 20, assault and battery

DEMETRA T. PICOT, 33, 2 counts of give false report to law enforcement officer

CLINTON A. POWELL, 28, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, elude police, obstruct justice, suspended drivers license

GARY T. WARREN JR., 20, capias

DANNY L. RHOTEN, 58, driving while intoxicated

ANTONIO L. HARRISON, 23, assault and battery, petit larceny

CALVIN H. SHUBERT, 25, annoying telephone calls

RONALD HARRIS, 50, assault and battery

LARRY B. PERSON, 31, distribution of heroin

ROBERT S. LINTON, 34, capias

KENNETH D. MURPHY, 23, concealed weapon, drinking in public

RONNIE J. EVERETTE, 38, driving on suspended license

MELVIN STEVENS JR., 27, drunk in public, trespassing, resist arrest

RODNEY P. HILL, 33, possession of a sawed off shotgun, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon

DEREK DOLES, 36, capias

ANTHONY J. JUSTICE, 20, possession of alcohol by adult minor

CURTIS LANKFORD, 23, open alcohol container

  • Blessed

    so glad amanda (or what ever her name is) was caught with writing bad checks about time she did this to alot of businesses in the area

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  • FromHere

    localcitizen, I’ve been wondering the same thing.The county must have stopped allowing them to see their records of arrests. Or somebody’s hiding something. Were there no arrests in the Newsoms drug fiasco?

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    • localcitizen

      FromHere, I see that we are thinking along the same lines. The last story in the Tidewater News about the whole Newsoms indent was that they had “multiple suspects and persons of interest”. But nothing further and nothing since. Maybe money really does talk… I have being using Southampton’s new app, but have yet to see anyone arrested in connection with this “bust”. I am also surprised at the lack of outrage over the lack of arrests. And no court dispositions from anywhere, in months. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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  • localcitizen

    Still no arrest records from Southampton County? Nor any court records for several months now? Hmmmm…

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    • itsme

      I have noticed too there are no longer records from southampton and thought it weird. The last thing was Police Activity Log which I had not seen in a very long time. I do know the county has a new app you can get on your phone that shows you who is in the jail when arrested and what for. Its call MobilePatrol. You can see pictures get alerts see the most wanted and child support dead beats.

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      • localcitizen

        I have that app. It is very interesting and informative. I wish the Tidewater News would continue to publish the court dispositions though.

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